House Democrats Make Clear That Americans Should Have No Expectation Biden Admin Would Come to Rescue Them

The ill-timed Biden Kabul retreat has left many Americans stranded behind enemy lines, as we all know. He raced to the exits before he had any sort of plan that wasn’t doomed to failure. It was sad to watch in the moment and things are only getting more and more ridiculous. Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA), chair of the House Armed Services subcommittee on readiness, is making the situation even worse.

We had to rewind this a few times to make sure that we were seeing what we thought we saw. Garamendi is saying the quiet part loudly. He wants Americans to know that they should have no expectation of being rescued in these instances. The military and this administration are not here to help.

You are on your own! Never mind the fact that this awful situation is the creation of Joe Biden himself. These people are being treated like they are the ones who put themselves in this terrible mess. Townhall has more:

“Pressure has mounted on Biden to commit to getting every American out, and many options are being presented to do that. But according to California Democrat John Garamendi, “it makes no sense whatsoever” to send U.S. troops into Kabul to extract American citizens.

“The people in Kabul and in other parts of [Afghanistan] are going to have to do the best they can to get [to the airport],” Garamendi, the Chair of the Armed Services Subcommittee on Readiness, told CNN. “There is no way the American military should use military force to go to someone’s house or some building somewhere to extract people. That will create a very significant problem and a very significant loss of life on both sides.”

He continued: “To provide safe passage from parts of a huge city? No way—not sensible.”

This is your president, liberals. He is supposed to be a man of empathy. This is supposed to be the party of empathy. Now, they are telling people that they are going to have to figure it out for themselves. It’s the equivalent of lighting someone’s house on fire, nailing all of the doors and telling them that they need to take accountability for their own safety.

The sad thing is that Garamendi is technically correct on this one. Biden’s exit plan was hastily considered and it is tough for them to evacuate any Americans at the moment. It’s not because they can’t or won’t, it is because they have created a situation that is too volcanic to touch. Is this supposed to be providing comfort to these stranded Americans?

“We have decided to abandon you here because we planned this whole thing so poorly,” is what he should have said. Instead, they are trying to throw around all sorts of jargon to make things seem different from what they actually are. The White House is avoiding this type of messaging but the State Department’s advisories to Americans in Afghanistan have been heavily implying it for some time now.

What really irks us about Garamendi’s diatribe is the lack of tenderness. His bedside manner is absolutely horrible. It feels like he is rebuking Americans over the mere idea that they should expect any sort of assistance in this nightmare scenario. It’s sickening to watch but this is the Democrats for you. They are the party of empathy until it is actually time to do something empathetic.

The idiocy of Joe Biden’s withdrawal plan has been laid painfully bare and we are sad to see it. Anyone with half a brain could have and should have seen how bad this was going to go but they could not look outside of themselves for even one second. Biden’s selfishness is going to cause a lot of harm to a region that did not need any outside interference of this kind. Garamendi should have been thinking before he decided to speak, that is for sure.