How Compromised is the First Family?

BiksuTong /

Since long before Joe Biden entered the White House as president, we questioned just how compromised he is. He held U.S. money as a bargaining tool with Ukraine to make sure that his son, Hunter, didn’t face an investigation. His son has also been involved in countless deals with China.

The Biden family has made a lot of money over the years, and not through standard government paychecks. Joe’s brother and son have benefited from his high-profile positions as a senator, VP, and now president.

So, we have to ask the question: how compromised is the First Family?

Peter Schweizer, a Breitbart News contributor was recently on Newsmax TV for an interview where he discussed how many American elites, including Joe Biden, are getting into deals with Chinese businessmen, which allows China to win in a big way.

Schweizer is the author of “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.” He pointed out how Joe and Hunter Biden have received over $30 million from businessmen in China due to some of the private deals they’ve made. More importantly, though, these businessmen have ties to the Chinese Communist Party and to Chinese intelligence.

Why is the president allowed to make such shady deals? Why aren’t the sirens going off in DC to alert everyone that there is a problem?

Biden even admitted to threatening Ukraine years ago as a way to save his son’s job and overall reputation. Yet, no one questioned whether the VP (at the time) should be holding $1 billion of U.S. money hostage for personal gain.

The now infamous Hunter Biden laptop that was abandoned at a computer shop tells us a significant amount of information. It tells us of some of Hunter’s meetings. It tells us that some of the money was given to his father. And it even tells us that there were deals going on with other Communist nations.

Hunter Biden is part of an ongoing investigation with the FBI, but it’s unlikely that anything will ever become of it because his father is the current sitting president. Perhaps once Biden steps down, the investigation can continue.

The really interesting part, though, is how Joe Biden was even able to get into office. He shouldn’t have even been allowed to be in the elections based on all that we already know about his ties to China. At the very least, he should have had an impeachment case against him by now. We already know that if the tables were turned and this was Trump, he would have had at least two impeachment attempts on him already.

Since there’s a Democratic House and Senate, Biden is safe.

As Schweizer says, “Each and every one of those businessmen has direct ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence, meaning they’re business partners with the vice minister for State Security or they’re business partners with family members of the minister of State Security. It’s shocking to me that other media outlets mainstream media is not pursuing this story because it’s not a story of corruption anymore or cronyism — it’s of national security. And I think it raises questions — very serious questions — about the fact that the Biden family may be compromised.”

This is an issue of national security, and yet no one seems to be willing to do anything about it. And as we look at how China is getting very cozy, it begs the question of just what Biden has promised them. We should have been taking a much harder line with China, yet Biden seems content to just let it all go.

Perhaps once the midterms roll around, we can look at the possibility of a deeper investigation and even impeachment. It’s certainly something that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy would like to explore.