How Much Blood Will it Take Before De Blasio Resigns?

Bill De Blasio is like a vampire, sucking the very life out of the city. The problem is that he’s spilling more of it than anything. Instead of New York City being the Big Apple, it’s going to be the Bleeding Apple. With so much blood running through the streets, what will it take to get him to resign?

New York City’s mayor would rather let the protests go on and on than actually do something about it. He’ll sit back with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and blame the violence on families who need a loaf of bread to feed their families. Meanwhile, real blood is being spilled daily.

The most recent attack was from a protester going about a group of NYPD officers. This included the chief of the department. Big mistake. Huge.

A demonstration was taking place on the Brooklyn Bridge. A protester came by swinging an object at the officers. At least three officers were hurt while they were placing another under arrest. It was all caught on video, too.

Terence Monahan, the Chief of Department, was in presence. They were violently attacked for trying to do their job. They weren’t being aggressive. They were simply getting it done.

The amount of blood? A lot. What is going on that it’s okay to just come in swinging (literally) with the intention of hurting officers? This is not a peaceful protest.

De Blasio continues to claim that the majority of the protests happening around the city are peaceful. Yet the photos of bloodied officers and the number of people murdered on a weekly basis say something quite different. Does De Blasio never check Twitter?

It’s impossible to stay ignorant of what’s happening in New York City at this point. Even Biden, who practically lives in his basement, has likely heard what’s happening.

As if the first attack on the Brooklyn Bridge wasn’t enough, a second one occurred just minutes after the first. Guess what? More violence. More police being attacked.

It’s no wonder that the police throughout New York and beyond want to walk off the job. They don’t get paid enough to let their blood run into the streets. They don’t get enough respect to be bullied on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, De Blasio continues to collect his paycheck and let the libs dictate how much should be taken out of the NYPD budgets.

Although there were 37 arrests being made over the brawls on the bridge, one officer actually suffered a broken eye socket.

The protesters don’t even know why they’re angry. The Chief of Department, Terence Monahan, was one of the officers that received high praise just a month ago for taking a knee during one of the demonstrations.

How quickly the protesters forget. They see an officer in uniform and lose their minds. They cannot tell you why they’re angry. They cannot tell you why they attacked.

They’re like rabid dogs, attacking with no rhyme or reason. And De Blasio just looks past it all. He doesn’t see the violence. He doesn’t see the blood.

Other Dems in leadership positions are being blasted over their inadequacies. The mayor of Seattle is in jeopardy of being ousted because of her inability to get the job done. She allowed CHOP to go on for too long and people are fed up.

If De Blasio doesn’t want to suffer the same fate, he may need to consider resigning. He’s lost control of the city. He doesn’t even know how to ask for help at this point. Who does he need to see bleeding before he realizes that NYC is past the point of no return?

Perhaps if Bill De Blasio won’t resign, the city will come to its senses on their own. They’ll call for De Blasio to be ousted – though it might take a member of the GOP to get it done and stop the bleeding once and for all.