Hunter Biden Gets Confused with Term “Anonymous” as He Looks to Meet with Potential Art Buyers

We’ve already been told that he will be selling his art anonymously. The White House even stepped in to create a program to ensure that it will remain anonymous. They will know who the buyers are, as will his art dealer, but it will remain a mystery to Hunter Biden.

Yeah, right. No one actually believes that. However, appearances are everything.

Though, it seems that Hunter Biden may not understand the term “anonymous.”

Hunter Biden will be meeting with prospective art buyers at two art shows – one in LA and one in New York City – later this year. Ummm, it’s hard to maintain anonymity when you could be shaking hands and having conversations with the people who are going to buy your art. All it takes is a little wink, wink, nudge, nudge to know who will be buying the art.

These meet and greets are a great way to persuade art connoisseurs to part with $500,000 from a newbie artist who has a history of doing lines of Coke with daddy’s money.

Aren’t we supposed to expect more from the president’s son? This is a grown man who is using the system to make himself a fortune – yet the Democrats just smile and promote Hunter Biden’s budding art career like there’s absolutely nothing shady going on.

Robin Davis, the spokeswoman for the Georges Berges Gallery has confirmed that Hunter Biden will be in attendance at both events. It’s not every day that someone gets to debut in the art world – even if his talent is questionable and his pricing is ludicrous.

Davis explains that everyone in attendance at the events will be vetted and “whomever is appropriate” will attend. What does that mean? She doesn’t go into the vetting process. She also explains that Biden will not be discussing prices or anything related to selling his artwork at the events.

Really? That’s disappointing. It would make sense that art connoisseurs would want to know why art from a nobody in the art world is selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is it lined in gold? Cocaine? Seriously, what makes it worth this much when there are artists who have a significant amount of notoriety selling their works for only a fraction of the cost.

Davis explains that George Berges, the Gallery owner, is eager for people to recognize Hunter’s talent. She goes on to say, “I think it’s all on the up and up.” She thinks?

We’re supposed to take all of this at face value and believe that the sales are anonymous. Yet Berges himself has ties to China. And, there are concerns that Hunter Biden is still invested in Chinese Communist Party-linked firms.

So, Hunter will socialize with potential buyers in Los Angeles and New York City, even though the buyers’ identities will be kept secret from not only Hunter Biden but also President Biden.

Yeah, there’s nothing anonymous about any of this. It sounds like a grand scheme for money laundering. It was only last year that the Senate’s permanent subcommittee on Investigations made the comment that the art world is rippled with money laundering issues. The committee said “secrecy, anonymity, and a lack of regulation create an environment ripe for laundering money and evading sanctions.”

And yet, Hunter Biden is allowed to blossom in his new career as an artist. The White House will apparently turn a blind eye to the money laundering aspects.