Hunter Biden Uses Coronavirus to Miss Child Support Hearing

Hunter Biden is not only a corrupt Democrat, but he is also a dad that is not wanting to take responsibility for supporting his child. Biden took it upon himself to help make a baby and now he is running from his duty to be a parent to this little child.

He has fought all attempts to appear in court and was even reluctant to take a paternity test that ended up proving the baby was his. To keep from appearing at the trial he is blaming the coronavirus and the fact that his wife is about to deliver his other child.

Hunter Biden is a fine example of all the loser Democratic men that do not want to take responsibility for their actions. He got his lawyer to state the following about why he could not make the trip “It is unsafe for the Defendant to travel, as travel restrictions have been implemented both domestically and internationally, particularly on airlines, due to the Coronavirus. Setting aside personal endangerment, Defendant reasonably believes that such travel unnecessarily exposes his wife and unborn child to this virus.”

These are fine sentiments but far from the truth as to why he does not want to go. Biden wants to have nothing to do with the care and wellbeing of this other baby. The issue is not found in whether he can afford child support.

But rather in the fact that he just does not want to do it. He rents a $3.9 million home which comes out to be about $12,000 a month in rent. He has the money to at least send enough for the child to be raised and taken care of.

Biden made the choice to cheat on his wife and have relations with a stripper that became pregnant. He has tried a lot of things to deny that the child was his only to be proven wrong.

The man is a cheater and really does not deserve the right to raise either child. For some reason, Hunter Biden believes he is above the law. He has no intention or desire to do the right thing.

He cheated and thinks that he can just continue living like there is nothing wrong. The Biden name has been dragged through the mud by their own devices. Hunter, his dad and now his uncle have all been caught cheating and manipulating their way into the pocketbooks of companies and people all around them. He has no intent on letting go of the hard-earned money that he has stolen from other people.

The request for Biden to appear in court in Arkansas is being labeled by his lawyers as “unduly burdensome and oppressive.” There is nothing burdensome about the request for him to show up at a court case that has been on the book for some time now.

Hunter Biden has even used the media attention of his dad as a reason to not appear in court. The facts are showing that he just does not want to accept the responsibility that his cheater choices have given to him.

Biden has a child with another woman that is not his wife. This means he cheated on her with another woman. He has bound himself to her by missing his DNA with hers to make a baby. That baby should not have to suffer just because a selfish millionaire deadbeat dad does not want to own up to his problems.

His sorry excuse that states “The tremendously elevated media scrutiny creates some physical risks and logistics difficult with travel to Arkansas.” It is nothing more than a lie. A sorry attempt to try to get out of doing the right thing. Lawyers on the other side are trying to get him charged with contempt of court because of his blatant refusal to appear in court.

He has even tried to delay the hearing but failed. Biden’s lawyers have been told by the judge that “He needs to make himself available and unless his hair is on fire, he needs to be in Arkansas and he needs to be in a deposition.” His time is about to run and the world is hoping that he is forced to do the right thing.