ICE Agents Genius New Plan to Remove the Illegal Scum That Oozes

ICE is America’s defense against illegals mooching off of hard-working citizens. They are tasked with the responsibility to come in and remove the scum that oozes across the border to the south. Local law enforcement is supposed to alert ICE when an illegal is arrested for crimes committed.

This way ICE can come in and deport the illegals back to their homeland. In Republican-controlled areas, the system works flawlessly, and crime is low. But in areas controlled by the traitorous Democrats sanctuary cities have popped up and local law enforcement are forbidden, by Democrats, to release information that would tip off ICE as to where the bum is located.

But ICE is not giving up as they keep Americans safe from illegal criminals and the refusal of the difficult Democrats to obey federal laws. New York City is a sanctuary hotspot. Despot de Blasio defunds the police and tells the rest not to cooperate with ICE, so crime is rising.

But ICE was in New York despite de Blasio’s refusal to allow the police to do their job. And they found the three convicted predators lurking around the streets. Two of the men were from Mexico and the third was from the Dominican Republic. The great thing was that they were arrested with no trouble from residents.

The people of New York are sick of the Democratic induced crime that is sweeping the city. These three people were charged with crimes that ranged from sexual contact without consent and dealing unlawfully with a minor, third-degree assault and second-degree harassment, possession of weapons, grand larceny, and selling drugs to minors.

These are the people that the hateful Democrats are seeking to protect. They are the ones that are being released from prison by the liberals. Each one of these three men had a detainer sent from ICE and each one was ignored by Democratic order.

At least one of the men had been deported from the United States before. Which only goes to show that open borders do not keep criminals out of the country. President Trump’s methods for dealing with the maggots that eat away at the freedom’s and peace that Americans have for being legal citizens.

Thomas R. Decker is the office director for ERO. He stated that “What’s so troubling about New York’s sanctuary city policy is that it favors the criminals over citizens. These three individuals clearly pose a significant threat to public safety, yet law enforcement agencies are prevented from doing the right thing, which is turning these criminals over to ICE in a safe, controlled environment. There is no justifiable reason to release drug dealers, violent criminals, and sexual predators into American communities.”

The vicious Democrats love the crime and violence because they secretly blame the problems on the Republicans and everyone else that gets in their way. ICE is not playing games with Democrats that think they can twist laws to protect the criminals.

These three cruel men were part of nine that were all taken into custody by ICE. Their inhumane torture on Americans has come to an end.

To further paint the picture of the great work that ICE does, the other six people arrested had charges that included, murder, robbery, theft, rape, sexual crimes, sexual abuse of a minor, DUI, break, and entering.

These people are the ones that the Democrats defend venomously. They try to keep them in the country stating that they are law-abiding people, but the facts tell a different story. Decker stated that “ICE continues to prioritize the arrest of criminals who have a history of preying upon the most vulnerable members in our communities. Public safety should not be politicized; egregious offenders should not be released into our communities.”

President Trump has worked hard to defend Americans and remove the nasty illegals from American soil. Their destructive and violent ways are not in the best interests of law-abiding citizens.

The cruel Democrats have no regard or respect for legal citizens. They only appear to care during election years and step on people once the election is finished.