ICE Saves Lives as They Take Down Illegals With Criminal Records

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has done a tremendous job of keeping Americans safe from illegals over the past several years. They deal with a lot of trash from liberals and Democrats. They have to work around sanctuary cities and other agencies that are trying to hinder their efforts. But they continue to find the illegals with criminal records so they can be removed from the country and sent back to their homeland.

The Democrats have long hated the concept of ICE and their mandate to locate and remove hiding illegals. To them, ICE is a thorn in their path to dominance in the country. Each time the immigration subject comes up, the liberal’s attack ICE and try to smear them into the ground. They tell lies about how they treat people and the conditions that they force illegals to live.

The truth is that ICE takes good care of the people that they have to deport. They provide food and water, a place to sleep and play, and they even get amenities that most hard-working Americans cannot afford. When the liberals take pictures of terrible conditions, those pictures are doctored up and labeled incorrectly so as to hurt ICE.
Over the past few days, ICE has worked in several states to round up more than 100 people living in the country illegally. These are not families hiding in shelters. They are people with nasty criminal records. Many of them have pending charges and recent activity on their record.

Tony Pham is the current acting ICE director. He stated that “This enforcement operation tasked ICE officers in various areas across the country with identifying, locating and arresting criminal aliens who should not be in the United States and whose continued presence poses a significant threat to public safety.”
The men and women that work for ICE put their lives on the line daily to make America a safe place to live, work and play. They take down the illegals coming to America for the sake of drug sales and human smuggling.

The arrest of these 100 people happened over a four-day period in places such as Minnesota, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Texas. Each one of the thugs will receive a one-way ticket out of the country. Over 70 percent of these people had criminal records.
Some of the things they had on their records included kidnapping, assault, theft, sexual assault, cruelty to children, sexual exploitation of a minor, and robbery. These are not small crimes. They are violent crimes that scar people for life and leave lasting damage to the people preyed on.

The focus that ICE has taken the past few months is focusing on people with criminal records. But ICE will not ignore an illegal that they come across without a record. They will take them into custody as well. Being in the country is the start of a criminal record since it breaks immigration laws.

The Democrats and liberal’s fightback against law and order. They hate the enforcement of immigration laws because it takes away their voting base. The liberals claim that the president and others are just being racist. But racism has nothing to do with enforcing laws.

The prior ICE operation targeted sanctuary cities. These are areas where Democrats have refused to help round up illegals. They have even ordered local law enforcement to not cooperate with ICE during their raids. But this has not stopped ICE from doing its job to get these parasites out of the country. It just makes their job a little harder to do.

Just about every illegal that ICE finds are wanted for violent crimes. These people are not the law-abiding families that the Democrats want everyone to believe they are. They have killed people and taken young girls over the border, and sold them into slavery.

President Trump stands for law and order. He supports law enforcement at every level. Joe Biden hates law and order and seeks to tear down every police agency around. His version of America is one where crime flourishes, and the American dream is nothing more than a fictional page in a forgotten book.