If You Go Up Against Ted Cruz, You Will Lose

Trevor Collens / Shutterstock.com
Trevor Collens / Shutterstock.com

Liberals love to try to take on Ted Cruz. The conservative senator from Texas isn’t an easy mark. If you come at him, he’s going to come back. And…you will lose. Yet, the liberals never seem to learn from their mistakes.

Senator Ted Cruz was recently at a Senate hearing where Attorney General Merrick Garland was bombarded with questions having to do with the Department of Justice memo where parents were labeled as “domestic terrorists.”

A number of Republican senators were angry – and rightfully so. In addition to Cruz, Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley were some of the others who were expressing their concern over the DOJ memo.

Cruz counted a variety of the “threats” that have been reported, including parents doing a Nazi salute at school board members because they felt that the board was being oppressive. Cruz even asked Garland if the Nazi salute was covered under the First Amendment. He said that it was.

Now, do you think that the liberal media spun that the way that it should have? Of course not.

Suddenly, the liberal media takes the 20-second clip of Cruz talking about the threats…and Vox.com’s Aaron Rupar says that Cruz is defending the Nazi salute.

Wow. That is certainly one way to spin what Cruz was saying. It’s not at all what should have been inferred. What the Texas Senator was explaining was that the Nazi salute was being performed by the parent as a way to poke fun at the school board for being too oppressive…just as the Nazis were.

All of this must mean that Ted Cruz is a Nazi sympathizer, right? The only way that you can get that is if you didn’t listen to the clip, you’re a complete idiot, and you’re on the far left looking for any kind of thread to turn Cruz and the other conservatives into the bad guys.

Well…it’s not long before congressman Eric Swalwell takes the bait and decides that he’ll fall right in line for the tweet that Rupar sent out. He forwards the video with the comment that says, “Just Ted Cruz defending Nazis.”

Are you kidding me?

Cruz wasn’t defending Nazis. He was defending the parents who were basically calling the school board members Nazis. If anyone is the Nazi sympathizer, it’s those on the far left who also want to label concerned parents as domestic terrorists.

Ilhan Omar decided to jump into the feeding frenzy, too. She’s just as moronic as Swalwell, saying that Cruz was “just casually defending Nazis in a congressional hearing.” So, she didn’t listen to what Cruz said, either.

That’s when Cruz did what he did best. He defended himself. His response to Swalwell (and the rest of the liberals) was epic: “You are frequently a liar (when you’re not sleeping with Chinese spies). But here, your lie is exactly 180 degrees false. I was defending the right of citizens to denounce authoritarian policies. In other words, to OPPOSE Nazis (or petty tyrants), not to support them.”

Let’s hear a standing ovation for Cruz in the way in which he drops the truth on all of the liberals who can’t bother to listen to a 20-second clip for themselves. They hear an insult and they jump on it. And, in the end, Swalwell and Omar should be kicked out of Congress just for the stupidity that they display on a regular basis.