Ilhan Omar Makes Every Issue Racist – Look What She Does With DeSantis

Phil Pasquini /

Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) has the uncanny ability to turn any issue into one of racism. She walks around DC with her tinted glasses, pointing out examples of racism and white supremacy – even when it is a blatant lie.

Now, she’s doing it again over what Ron DeSantis is doing in Florida.

Keep in mind that Omar is a Representative of Minnesota. She gets absolutely no say about what happens in the Sunshine State. However, she’s a member of the Squad – and they spew their opinions wherever and whenever it suits them.

Election crimes happen. We all know that they happen. And we can point to instances where it happened right under our noses, but nothing was done about it.

The 2020 presidential election is a pretty good example. We saw how many ballots got counted after the fact. We heard about boxes and boxes of ballots showing up in dumpsters.

Someone has to be held accountable for breaking the law. We need to maintain safe and honest elections – otherwise, our democracy is shattered.

Ron DeSantis has made sure that happens. He signed a bill last week that creates the “Office of Election Crimes and Security.” This is the first office of its kind. It will be responsible for investigating voter fraud allegations.

It’s amazing. It will allow us to cast our vote if we live in Florida with confidence knowing that our vote will get counted. And should it not get counted, we’ll know that the Office of Election Crimes will sort it out.

Omar sent out a tweet to say that “voter fraud is about as common as getting struck by lightning.”

This is funny because of how inaccurate it really is. There have been countless examples of voter fraud in Florida and everywhere else. Some organizations even have footage to show that ballot stuffing took place – though as a Democrat, Omar doesn’t want to discuss such things that have happened.

Even if Omar was right that it’s about as common as getting struck by lightning, the CDC claims that most people have a 1 in 500,000 chance of getting struck. With 21 million people living in Florida, that’s 42 possibilities of voter fraud – and when there’s one fraudulent act, it’s usually not limited to just one ballot.

If 42 people are messing with the elections, it could be enough to throw things off – and this is where Omar fails to understand the real problem.

However, she doesn’t stop there. She also decides to point her finger and yell “Racism” at the top of her lungs. She tweets out, “As a force to investigate it, this police unit will be useless. As a force to intimidate, harass, and punish poor and Black voters, I’m sure they’ll be very helpful.”

What in the world is she talking about?

This is as if Omar already believes that not only is election fraud a real problem but that the culprits are Black. Otherwise, there’s no reason why she’d already jump to this conclusion.

The law that was signed, SB 524, increases the penalty of ballot harvesting to a third-degree felony.

If Omar is concerned about the “election police” punishing Black voters, she should make sure that Black voters know not to get involved with ballot harvesting because it is illegal.

As for the rest of her argument, it’s completely moot.

No race is going to be targeted over election fraud. If there is an example of fraud, the office will investigate. White, Hispanic, Black, Asian – anyone can break the election laws and anyone can harvest ballots to help their party win.

Omar doesn’t like the idea that Democrats may actually get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. So, rather than deal with the problem and, you know, follow the laws, she’ll yell “racism” because it’s what she does best.