Independents Give Dems a Huge Reality Check

In July, for reasons I’m sure you are aware of, impeachment became the talk of the nation. Now Democrats have been talking about the idea ever since January of 2017, no doubt, in some effort to reverse the 2016 presidential election. However, it has only been since this past summer that it has actually had any real possibility, as Democrats thought they found something that would stick.

However, recent polls show that even after their non-stop barbs at the president and the entire Republican Party, as well as their hell-bent efforts to prove him immoral, they are no closer to their goal than before. In fact, they might be even farther.

It has been noted that all three major political parties have had a drop in impeachment support within the last several weeks.

As far as Democrats and Republicans go, their viewpoints have changed very little through the entire impeachment process so far. According to FiveThirtyEight polls, Democrats’ support for impeachment at its best was 84.8 percent. Currently, it has dropped to 80.3 percent. With even less of a change, Republicans’ in favor of impeachment once added up to 13.7 percent. It has now dropped to 12.2 percent.

These drops don’t really add up too much overall. After all, Democrats wouldn’t likely vote for Trump anyway. So it doesn’t matter if they support it or not.

The same cannot be said of independents. As both the Republicans and Democrats have near-equal support for their preferred opinion on the matter, it means the independent viewpoint or vote will be the deciding factor.

And Democrats have long held that they will get their full support. However, a recent drop by 6.7 percent in favor of impeachment might just be the reality check they need. But there is more bad news for Democrats.

An Emerson College poll that took place between November 17-20 found that 34 percent of independents supported impeachment, and 49 percent thought it was a bad idea. Compare this to last month’s results of the same poll that found 48 percent of independents to favor impeachment and only 35 percent to be opposed to it.

The difference is staggering and nearly the exact opposite of what it was only three weeks ago.

And this isn’t the only poll to suggest this as possible. FiveThirtyEight’s overall survey showed that in mid-October, support of impeachment held at around 50.3 percent. It is now 46.3 percent. Likewise, opposition to impeachment has risen by about the same amount.

In October, 43.8 percent of America opposed impeachment, now, 45.6 percent do. While neither amount of change is enormous, it does represent a nationwide trend.

Another poll, this one from the swing state of Wisconsin and Marquette University, found that 40 percent of Americans support impeachment while 53 oppose it. Similar to the FiveThirtyEight poll, last month’s numbers were 44 percent in support and 51 percent against.

In addition, The Hill reported, “the Marquette survey found Trump leading in Wisconsin against three top Democratic challengers after trailing all of them in the previous poll.”

But why is this the trend?

After all, the last three weeks have been nothing if not damning to President Trump. Not a day goes by without something be said or done in support of impeachment on national news. For heaven’s sake, impeachment hearings have even been taking place. And still, support for President Trump is only rising, on all three fronts.

Even pollsters are in awe of the results. As Marquette pollster Charles Franklin says, “It is surprising to find that Democrats are less supportive of impeachment now. They appear a little less unified in their opposition.”

And Chris Wilson, a pollster of WPA Intelligence, says, “All of these numbers are consistent with other trends that suggest Democrats are losing the impeachment debate, particularly in swing states and districts.” He added, “If the hearings have eroded support even slightly, and the national data suggests that, then this Marquette poll is completely in line with an emerging picture where impeachment is actually helping the president.”

Even Democrat fundraisers are admitting defeat, “After three years, the country was sick of hearing about Russia, and not the average American either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about the case we’re making on Ukraine.

As usual, Dems think they are smarter than everyone else. But at least they realize that America simply doesn’t care about their little coup attempt and they have lost the battle.