Injustice Was Served…Army Couple Who Abused Foster Kids Gets Let off Hook…One of Them Died


What foster care agency could possibly turn down an application from a decorated Army Major and his lovely wife to be foster parents? It doesn’t get any better and a few kids would be very happy in their new home, temporary or not. But too many terrible books have pretty covers and likewise, a person’s stalwart appearance could be housing a demon in disguise.

Such was the case with Army Major John Jackson and his beautiful (on the outside only) wife, Carolyn. They practically walked out with their first kid on the very day they applied, and because it was easy, they kept adding to their brood of love-deprived children.

These were the same vulnerable kids they took great pleasure in abusing. The couple delighted in routinely beating the kids with their fists, belts, shoes, and other handy objects. The children would often be punished for fabricated reasons by being denied food and water for days at a time. Making them wash down hot pepper flakes with hot sauce was another brass ring for the couple. Hooah…

Carolyn has already served out her 40-months in federal prison for the multiple crimes the couple was convicted for, but in a string of cases not yet settled, she got off easy for the most recent one. So did John, who recently completed his probationary period. 

In 2015, it was U.S. District Judge Katherine Hayden who handed down the couple’s initial sentences. She had previously presided over two separate trials against them. This time around, she went softer than a roll of Charmin by deciding that additional prison time “is more punishment than is necessary.” Carolyn Jackson received an added year of supervised release while her hubby can’t leave the house for the next 18 months.

The cases against the couple have been much more complex than they appear. They haven’t been the open-shut variety. Because the crimes took place in the Jacksons’ home on a federal Army post, Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, things became complicated.

Oddly enough, child endangerment is not considered a federal crime since it must be prosecuted at a state level. Since the crimes happened on federal property, state and federal law had to be melded together in such a way as to allow charges to be made.

Federal charges of conspiracy and federal assault had to be levied so that state charges could be inserted between the lines, and it worked. But the most recent trial is a mockery of everything good and righteous.

Judge Hayden agreed that the Jacksons have made “misguided and harmful choices,” but, then, followed it up by shockingly saying that what she’s seen from the evidence, it is not enough to prove “that the Jacksons are monsters.” What!?!

Fostering innocent children for the sole purpose of abusing them at every given opportunity, to us, anyway, qualifies for the category of monster and then some.

Here’s the real barn-burner. One of the foster kids under the Jacksons’ care died. And they got away with it. Their lawyers said the kid had some pre-existing conditions and those are what got him. They also said that although their client’s methods may not have been considered traditional, there was nothing criminal about them. 

If you’ve ever given any thought to screaming out about a horrific injustice, now is your moment. As if these foster kids weren’t already scarred for a lifetime, they now have to live with gaping gashes that’ll never properly heal.

Meanwhile, John is enjoying the pot roast Carolyn hand-selected from Aldi’s meat aisle. Once again: Hooah.