Investigation Shows That China Knew COVID Was Coming and Bought Up Medical Test Kits Before It Was Unleashed on the World


The Chinese government has gone to extensive lengths to keep itself from being blamed for the horrors that the China virus has caused on the world. They have tried to silence their people by keeping them from telling their stories. Some people have mysteriously disappeared, while others were censored. The Chinese leaders have also kicked reporters out of their borders so the truth would not be told.

What has been discovered is that the virus originated in the region of Wuhan, China. The site is home to one of their secret virology labs that mess around with coronavirus strains. At some point, a strain was found that could sweep around the world, forcing governments to lockdown their borders and start buying medical supplies.

The Australian found out that China had bought up tons of testing kits before the coronavirus went viral. The bold move to release a virus worldwide and stock up on medical testing kits is not coincidental, and they knew exactly what they were doing with the COVID-19 virus.

The Australian reported that “There was a buy-up of coronavirus testing equipment in Wuhan in 2019, with purchasing contracts increasing by more than 50 percent from the year before. Official Chinese government procurement data shows the buy-up of PCR equipment began in July 2019. The data has been handed to intelligence officials investigating the origins of Covid-19.”

Facts do not lie, and only the people who have something to gain or lose will lie about their intentions. The data recovered from China shows a sharp increase in purchasing testing kits and other medical supplies. The nasty communists determined in May to unleash the virus, and they wanted to be ready.

The World Health Organization also had a part in the massive coverup as it was discovered that they lied about the severity of the virus and pushed the same narrative put out by China that kept the blame off them. The one organization tasked with alerting the world of potential outbreaks fell in love with the money and lied on behalf of the Chinese.

The evidence clearly shows that the pandemic started before December of 2019. The Chinese knew it was coming, and they did nothing to warn the world or ask for help to contain it to Wuhan.

Robert Potter is a cybersecurity analyst. He noted that “Some of this may be benign but taken together it gives us a trend that comprehensively challenges the official narrative that the pandemic started in December. It also shows there’s a significant amount of procurement from the government level, the PLA and the Centre for Disease Control, as well as sensitive laboratories that are in the Hubei province.”

China flat-out lied to the world and implemented a well-orchestrated plan to infect the world with the hopes of emerging as a dominant power. But Donald Trump stopped their attempts at global domination and developed a vaccine that would combat the virus and keep China from cashing in and exploiting the world.

The materials that China was buying are known as Polymerase Chain Reaction. PCR is used in research. In this case, it was used in testing the coronavirus. The Chinese were looking for a specific reaction, and once they found it, the pandemic would begin. The data shows that PCR kits were ordered in bulk because they were getting close to their goal.

The world knows that the virus started in Wuhan even though the Chinese continue to lie and deny the facts. Mike Pompeo noted that “I’ve seen data points that place it in the summertime of 2019, late summer, July, August of 2019. I’ve seen no evidence that there’s a cluster that began any place but this. I’m all ears to see if any evidence that presents something, some fact set to the contrary.”

No lie can be thought of to make people believe that the virus started somewhere else. The Chinese attacked the world, and they need to be held accountable for the massive amounts of death that have resulted from their devious plans.