Iran Threatens to Attack the United States over Embargo

Iran has been a thorn in the backside of many nations around the world. They target innocent people for terrorist attacks, hoping to enact a conflict with a more powerful adversary such as the United States.

Iranian leaders just cannot stand the point that America has limited their nuclear program and oil income to the point of poverty. President Trump is not playing games with Iran. They will either talk on civil and honest terms or suffer the consequences.

The Democratic media would like everyone to believe that President Trump is the one that is escalating the tension with the evil Iranian leader. The United States is seeking to renew the arms embargo on Iran. This is certainly making the little dictator mad as he wants to see it lifted.

The United States holds all the cards of power in this situation. Brian Hook, who is the U.S. special representative to Iran has stated that “We are operating under the assumption that we will be able to renew the arms embargo. We are well within our rights.”

But as everyone knows the liberals of the world and the weakest nations all object to that thought. They feel that they should have some say in the matter. The United States funds the United Nations the most and is the most powerful nation on the planet. There is no reason to listen to the wicked UN in matters of security. Matters that ultimately will affect the United States and Americans everywhere.

President Trump would love to work with the other nations. But if they are not willing to take a stand and do the right thing, then he will have to do it alone. The United States does not need permission to defend itself against terrorists like Iran.

Sadly, there are still nations in Europe that would like to salvage the old Obama deal. Proving that they are cowards not willing to take a stand against Iran. Naysan Rafati, who is the International Crisis Group’s Iran analyst stated that “Europeans actually agree with the Americans on a lot when it comes to Iran, but they diverge on whether to try and keep the JCPOA alive as a basis for discussions.” There are just some people in this world that cannot accept change. They have to live in the presence of old and outdated treaties.

The Iranian leader hates the idea of what the United States is pushing for. He has threatened America with a “crushing response” if the embargo is extended. But the last response that he promised was to bomb an embassy in another country.

Hardly the crushing effect that most people think of when the term is used. He quickly forgets the assassination of his beloved general. He lives in a self-made utopia if he thinks that he is immune to answering for his crimes.

Iran wants to be able to trade weapons so they can restock their terrorist supply. An embargo on the country would only make the region safer for all people. Iran needs to have the sanctions lifted and the embargo gone to return to their glory days. But while the president is in power, there is no chance of that ever happening.

The Iranian president defiantly stated that “If America wants to return to the deal, it should lift all the sanctions on Tehran and compensate for the reimposition of sanctions. Iran will give a crushing response if the arms embargo on Tehran is extended.” Iran acts like they are the victims of an age-old argument. To demand compensation for everything that has happened to them comes from a deluded mind.

Their president lies when he states that “Iran’s nuclear steps are reversible if other parties to the deal fulfill their obligations and preserve Tehran’s interests under the pact.” How quickly European nations forget the terrible threats that Iran has issued towards them.

The European nations need to align themselves with President Trump to squash Iran into submitting to the world’s demands. President Trump has the perfect plan to beat Iran into submission. All that is needed is the cooperation of the other nations.