Is Biden’s Disinformation Board Already Dissolving?

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The concept of “disinformation” has been used a lot over the past two years. We heard Donald Trump shout “fake news” on a number of occasions because the liberal news outlets liked to change what was going on. The concept became more heavily used during COVID so that the government could establish what was and wasn’t true.

Twitter and Facebook love to use “disinformation” flags all the time. Even if it is true, they’ll flag something because it goes against the liberal agenda. It’s why so many conservatives have been censored on social media.

The liberals don’t like that the GOP has the audacity to speak the truth.

Biden created a disinformation board as a way to keep the lies to a minimum. There are just a few thousand problems with this. It starts with it being an infringement on our First Amendment rights and ends with who will be deciding what is and isn’t disinformation.

The person that Biden pinged to head the disinformation board is one of the biggest pot stirrers on the radical left. The individual has spread a significant amount of disinformation on her own – and, now, she’ll be the one determining if something is accurate or not?

Something sounds fishy.

Luckily, we can count on freedom-seeking members of Congress to stand up for our rights. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) is already all over this.

Hawley is already calling the board unconstitutional. In a recent statement, he described it as “Nothing short of a censorship committee vested with the full powers of the federal government to monitor dissenting speech and opposing viewpoints under the guise of national security.”

We learned that the disinformation board was being formed – but we don’t know who all signed off on having such a board. And Hawley is also concerned about the “radical, anti-free speech activist” who was chosen to lead it.

Hawley has introduced a bill that would dissolve the board. However, he goes one step further by also stating that the Secretary of Homeland Security would not be able to establish any kind of board that is equivalent to what has already been created. Further, it would prohibit “Activities at the Department of Homeland Security that are substantially similar to the activities of the Board.”

Basically, Mayorkas or any future DHS Secretary would have their hands tied regarding disinformation – and that’s the way we need it to be.

Now, the radical leftist that is in question for leading the board is none other than Nina Jankowicz. If the name sounds familiar, she’s been attacking the right for as long as we can remember. She even said once that “homegrown fascism predated President Donald Trump.”

And this is the person that would lead the war on disinformation?

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Hawley has publicly blasted Mayorkas for making the policing of speech in America by Americans a top priority.

We have enough policing of our free speech rights through social media and other big tech. The last thing we need is to be policed because we have an opinion that is different from a radical leftist.

A disinformation board would change the way that we communicate, and not for the better.

Mayorkas continues to defend the board, explaining that “Disinformation that creates a threat to the security of the homeland is our responsibility to address.”

That sounds like he’s more worried about words that will threaten the liberal agendas.

Let’s hope that Hawley and the rest of the GOP win this fight. Otherwise, we may all be in very big trouble.