Israel Stiff Arms Biden and Approves Thousands of New Homes To Be Built in the Country

Vrezh Gyozalyan/
Vrezh Gyozalyan/

Joe Biden is an anti-Israel Democrat. He hates the idea that they are expanding and settling into their land. He sits thousands of miles away and thinks he can dictate what another sovereign nation can do for its people. And now that he indicated that he is also pro-Palestinian, it is a matter of time before the old man tries to condemn Israel’s actions.

Israel has decided that they are going to build 3,000 new homes in the West Bank. The region they want to build is typically contested land because the Palestinian people see it as their land. But they also see every square inch of Israel as their land and are willing to terrorize people to get it.

The proposed plans for the new homes have ticked off a lot of people. But the Defense Ministry committee has announced the plans, and they are set to move forward. Those involved with the project approval stay anonymous because of the fear of being attacked by Palestinian terrorists.

The terrorist organization run by the Palestinians wants to take Israel’s land and make it a country of its own. But like all Muslim invaders, they will not stop with just a few stripes of land, and they will move in the future to up their attacks to try and push Israel into the Mediterranean Sea.

Joe Biden is already foaming at the mouth to attack Israel verbally. He has voiced his disdain for the project and issued rebukes targeted in Israel. With so much hatred thrown at Israel, it is understandable why people involved in the project want to stay secret. With Israel growing in size, the Palestinians are infuriated because their effort to kill every Jew is failing.

The president of the terrorist group is Mahmoud Abbas. He is demanding that the international stage condemn Israel for settling their land. Abbas is even ticked off at Biden for not doing more to stop the growth of Israel.

Donald Trump was a breath of fresh air for the Jewish people. They were able to place 12,000 new homes in their territory while Trump was president, and they could grow because they knew that they were well supported. But with Biden, the risk of attack is more significant. But that is not stopping the sovereign nation of Israel from growing within its borders.

Biden’s mafia enforcers were quick to condemn the plan. Ned Price is the State Department spokesman, and he stated, “We strongly oppose the expansion of settlements, which is completely inconsistent with efforts to lower tensions and to ensure calm and damages the prospects for a two-state solution.”

Joe Biden and the Democrats have no reason to oppose such an advancement for Israel. Even with all of the condemnations coming from Biden, Abbas thinks that the old man is absent. The Palestinian mentality is that threat of force and death must be used to make a statement.

Hagit Ofran is with Peace Now, which is another organization opposed to Israel growing. He stated that “Now, everybody knows that this is not a government of change, but this is a government with the same policy as Netanyahu to build more settlements, to deepen the occupation and to take us away from the chances for peace.”

The Jewish people have long-term rights to the land they occupy, and they have owned it for longer than any of the other nations around them.

The vast majority of the world hates Israel and will not support them. But the United States has been a long-term friend and ally. But with Biden in office, that relationship is being strained to the point that Israel cannot trust Biden to honor the ally status and come and defend Israel if other nations decide to make a move.

Joe Biden is an enemy to freedom. The Muslim nations surrounding Israel hate the fact that a free nation exists in the middle of the Islamic world. They have repeatedly tried to extinguish them from existence but have failed every time. America supports Israel even though its illegitimate president does not.