Joe Biden Claims He’s Against the Green New Deal but His Campaign Says Otherwise

Joe Biden’s flip-flopping has reached an all-time high. You probably noticed it if you had the misfortune of tuning into the last debate. First, he said he was trying to get rid of gas and coal plants in the United States. He also wants to weatherize at least four million buildings. From there, he proceeded to backtrack and claim that he is actually not for the Green New Deal.

“The Green New Deal will pay for itself as we move forward,” said Biden. “No, I don’t support the Green New Deal,” said Biden. So which one is it? The gaffe unfolded over the course of seconds. Biden may have managed to avoid any sort of untimely meltdown but this is arguably even worse. Meanwhile, those who visit the Biden campaign website are in for a laugh.

“Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework….”, it’s right there for the world to see. How could he be so unprepared for what he was about to be asked? The Biden team clearly prepared a number of talking points for him but they did not take the time to explain his own website to him. This would have saved him a sizable amount of embarrassment.

If Biden is elected, his Green New Deal would cost the country at least $93 trillion. Do you think that he bothered to explain how the initiative would pay for itself? Of course not. The destruction of America would take place on his watch and no one should be willing to sit idly by. He lies to everyone’s faces but since he tells so many whoppers, no one is willing to sift through them all.

Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela are all licking their chops as we speak. No one is happier about the potential rise of Biden than they are. The idea that Russia or China would be thrilled about Trump, a president who is actually willing to challenge them, is an absolute laugh. Biden is their guy. He’s a doormat and they will be able to walk all over him as needed. No one will put a stop to it.

The leftists who support Biden do not even pay attention to the issues that they claim to care about. In their minds, Biden is great hope because he is not Trump. That’s as much as they have thought about it and that’s the honest truth. They do not investigate his past voting record or anything of that nature. It’s easier to point fingers at the orange man and call him the problem.

Hillary Clinton was not exactly anyone’s favorite, on either side. Her willingness to bend the truth is unrivaled. Biden could have taken a few lessons from her before he decided to start hitting the campaign trail. She might be an absolute liar but the Clinton family lies with such flair. They really have a way of getting you to go along with what they are saying.

This is not something that Biden excels at. For better or worse, he is the type of person who seems to wear his emotions on his sleeves. The sort of duplicity that comes far more easily to someone like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is not his strong suit. When he is forced to lie, you can see the smoke coming out of his ears. His brain short circuits when he is asked to do such things and it definitely shows.

It’s not like he is going to start telling the truth anytime soon. This is a man who is too far gone to admit that he has a problem. He is going to say whatever it takes to get people to the polls (or to the mailbox, as it were). If he has any regrets about the path that he is currently taking, he is not going to let on….until it’s time to sell a memoir.