John Kerry Slams Trump: ‘Using the Virus to Kill More Americans’

The Democrats are pulling no stops as the find ways of attacking President Trump. Some of the laughable liberals have started complaining about the workers at the border. While others are crying about not being able to sneak a peek at his tax returns.

There is an endless list of issues that plague the Democratic Party. One new one that has popped up involves John Kerry. For the longest time, he has been out of the news, but for some stranger reason, he has poisoned the ears of people with his lies.

John Kerry is accusing the president of using the virus as a means to “kill more Americans.” He just accused the president of being a murderous thug. All because fairy Kerry does not like the fact that President Trump is balancing growth and prosperity with environmentalism. Kerry would love to see the world revert back to a horse and buggy system. But that will never happen because progress always wins out.

What got him all fired up enough to show up in public again was the president’s decision to release emission-based material from oil and coal plants. Kerry would have everyone believe that natural resources are killing off the very planet that they come from.

Kerry is wrong about the environment. He can be labeled as a wacko that does not know how to read science. One volcano eruption releases more chemicals and gases into the atmosphere in one blast than all humans have since humanity showed up on the earth.

His rant about the president was nothing more than a gripping session. He went to spit up that “And I don’t think anybody’s ever dreamt we’d have a president who’s quite such an enemy of common sense and facts and science.”

Kerry was speaking of himself in this statement. The lack of common sense is what plagues the Democratic Party. His fight to change the way the world handles the climate is a brewing circus. None of what he proposes makes any logical sense.

He makes remarks about the way President Trump handles the WHO. That organization got into bed with the host nation of the virus and tried to cover it all up. President Trump sees that funding a crooked organization to be a violation of everything right with the world. But Kerry would rather fund a group of people that are crooked and determined to coverup for rogue nations when they release a deadly virus into the air.

Kerry is blind when he says “I wouldn’t say our Congress is working very effectively. There are a whole bunch of institutions here that aren’t working effectively. And so don’t be surprised that you find a hiccup here or there in some international institution.”

Congress has failed over the past two years because it is run by a bunch of Democrats that cannot get their heads out of the sand to see what is important to the country.

Kerry is another disciple of Obama. He has come out of the shadows to lobby for the Democratic Party. He knows that Biden is worthless and will not stand a chance against President Trump.

So, Obama is having all the old and senseless Democrats come back and speak to whoever will listen. Part of Kerry’s problem is that he had to cancel Earth Day. He is so upset over the social distancing and that it is keeping him from speaking his poison on the environment that he has to blame the president.

Kerry went on to mention that there are reasons why the liberal regulations were put into place. He believes that he is saving people. He also stated that “The insidiousness of the Trump administration using the coronavirus moment as cover — where people are highly preoccupied with health and safety and their lives — and they’re attacking these rules.”

The rules that Obama and Kerry say put into place have kept the industry from developing better ways of managing emissions. The expensive rules pushed new science out of the picture.

But now that the president has freed up space, businesses are free to develop new technology that will better manage the emission that they create.