Just In: Trump Has Been Denied His Constitutional Rights by the U.S. Supreme Court…This May Be a Good Time to Start Worrying

Don’t for one second think Donald Trump has given up the fight to overturn the fraudulent election. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The president’s fire-spitting campaign attorney, Jenna Ellis, is just getting wound up.

Ellis said the Supreme Court’s rejection of the campaign election lawsuits she’s filed is denying the President of the United States, the top dog in charge, of his right to due process under the very Constitution they’re sworn to be abiding by.

Ellis told Newsmax, “They need to recognize that President Trump absolutely gets the same opportunities to argue his case that President George W. Bush did in 2000. And to treat him differently than every other sitting president in every other election is manifestly unfair according to due process and our Constitution.”

Ellis said that as of late SCOTUS has been guilty of a “dereliction of duty and fidelity to the U.S. Constitution by refusing to take up cases.” She worries that if this election and the massive amount of fraud surrounding it is not flushed out and corrected by Jan 6, all may be lost.

Should this come to pass, and the president is indeed denied his rights under the Constitution, Ellis said the horrendous failure in the American justice system will be attributed to the “the judicial branch the entire way down.”

The campaign filed a writ of certiorari which challenges the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision to let roughly 50,000 absentee ballots, that never should have, to be counted. The lawyers claim the half-witted decision was a direct and clear violation of Article II of the Constitution and Wisconsin state law.

The Trump campaign issued the following news release. “The filing seeks expedited consideration before the January 6 Congressional review of the Electoral College votes. This marks the second Constitutional challenge to illegal mail voting filed by the Campaign, following a petition from Pennsylvania filed on December 20.”

Ellis also said that if no remedy is found in key states where election fraud ran rampant, the legislators in those states have also failed in their duties. She noted how legislators, under the Constitution, have the power to certify electors. She said it’s “a failure of the GOP in these states.”

Trumps’ attorneys have assured the courts of the avalanche of additional suits to come in the very short term, as in the next few days. The clock is ticking so time is of the utmost essence.

The attorneys have met resistance in peculiar ways. When the campaign filed a challenge against three Pennsylvania Supreme Court rulings in early December, all allowing drastic changes to be made to the state’s mail-in ballot laws, a roadblock was immediately established.

The U.S. Supreme Court pulled a ruling out of thin air which stated a deadline of Jan 22, 2021, for them to reply to any and all election appeals. Presidential inauguration day happens to be on Jan 20, just two days prior. If this didn’t just stun you it’s only because you’re already too numb to feel it.

Both chambers of Congress are huddling around the campfire on Jan. 6 to officially tally up the electoral votes from all 50 states. Time is no friend to the Trump campaign.

Still lacking the one required senator to pull it off, some House lawmakers say they’re planning on objecting to including the votes of the key states where fraud is an issue. Should they manage to locate their guy or gal, a whole new ballgame will be starting. Please stand for the playing of the National Anthem.

The evidence of election fraud is in clear sight for anyone who wishes to view it. But the Democrats are wearing blinders. So much for the U.S. Constitution…