Justice Department Develops a Soft Spot for Those Connected with China

rawf8 / shutterstock.com
rawf8 / shutterstock.com

Those connected with China in one way or another are often considered traitors. We don’t know what information they are sharing with our enemy. And we cannot mistake that China is our enemy.

China, a communist nation, has proven time and again that they are not our friends. They have stood against our allies, they have abused human rights, and they have challenged our military.

When we find out that people in prominent positions are linked to the Chinese government in one way or another, it’s critical that we not only investigate but also act accordingly.

Unfortunately, the Justice Department has developed a soft spot for those who have Chinese connections. The liberals would love to jump into bed with China, which means that we are left vulnerable, like an open wound.

A professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Gang Chen, was charged last year because research ties with the Chinese government were concealed. However, the case has recently been dropped by the Justice Department because it could “no longer meet its burden of proof at trial.”

This seems like a weak explanation. After all, the Justice Department typically doesn’t bother with charging someone with such a crime unless they most certainly have the proof. So, either, they lost the proof, or they’ve just decided that it’s better for the liberal agenda to look the other way.

U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins is one of the top federal prosecutors. She said that dropping the case was in the best interest of justice being serviced, particularly because of new information received by the government.

Of course, we don’t know what that new information is, only it suddenly meets that they don’t have the burden of proof that would need to be presented during the trial.

There’s become a big problem in universities across the country. It seems that many of the professors and researchers have complicated relationships with China – and more specifically, the Chinese communist government.

When those relationships exist, it means that a significant amount of information can get back to China – and they can choose to use that information against us whenever they see fit.

The China Initiative was launched during the Trump administration as a way to identify and crack down upon Chinese economic espionage as well as trade secret theft. The Justice Department has been working to complete this review. Only, now that Trump is out and Biden is in, the Justice Department doesn’t seem to be cracking down as much as they used to – and that highlights a much bigger problem that we should be concerned about.

Gang Chen, the MIT professor, was accused of not only concealing his ties with China but also collecting money for his nanotechnology research – money that came from Beijing. The charges were entering into undisclosed appointments and contracts with Chinese government entities. He was even accused of serving as an “overseas expert” for the Chinese government. It is suspected that the People’s Republican of China Consulate Office in New York made the request of Chen.

Shouldn’t we be concerned? Of course, we should. Yet, the case began to crumble when new information was received from an official in the Energy Department.

Chen isn’t the only one to have his case thrown out. It’s been happening more and more – including a federal judge throwing out charges against a University of Tennessee professor who was accused of hiding a relationship that he had with a Chinese University.

This is just another example of Biden’s lack of leadership. Thanks to his liberal agenda, we’re tying ourselves closer to China instead of creating a respectable distance.