Kamala Harris Has Two Black Eyes as the Final Knock out Punch Is About to Hit

Kamala Harris is the first-place loser as she sits in second place in the White House. She once ran against Joe Biden for the presidential nomination before he found a way to cheat. During that time, she railed against him like he was going out of style. Choosing her as his vice president was the perfect way to get back at her for all of the nasty things she revealed and said about Joe Biden.

His relentless attacks during their first debate earned her a seat in the revenge circle. She was not chosen to be a vice-presidential candidate because she had any worth. She was chosen because he secretly hated her the most.

During their debate, the crowd would cheer her on as she took out her socialistic anger on the old man. But now that she sits as vice president, she wonders what kind of mess she has created for herself. She is no longer the favored child, but now the one cast aside like a piece of trash left in the street.

Kamala Harris is the most unpopular person in America. She may have gotten the crowd a year ago. But now, all they do is boo her to death. It would not take long for Harris’s popularity to tank and for people to wish they had never voted for her. The sad little Biden puppet was enthralled to be picked as the first female black vice president. That just made her little day.

But Biden only picked her because of the pressure by feminist groups and special interests groups. She was not picked according to her qualifications or resume. She was used as an old rag and then thrown aside.

Now that she is seated in the vice president’s office, she has not left that desk. She acts like she will lose it if she were to travel around and do the required work. Biden has given her several tasks to oversee, and she has to act on any of them.

The first job that she was given was to be the southern border czar. And in the past several months, all she has done is travel once to the safest part of the border and appear in front of a camera. All of that effort was sparked because Donald Trump headed to the border to give some speeches and promise action.

And if failure on her part was not enough to hurt her, she has turned into a witch towards her staff. Many who work with her claim she is challenging to work for and is rude and untrusting towards people. She cannot work with anyone outside of her most inner circle.

Harris is so disliked that no one even wants her to help them in the 2022 election. A liberal strategist noted that “As of right now, I think she has the potential of doing more harm than good for some of these candidates. My sense is she’ll probably raise a lot of money and maybe she’ll go to some specific districts, but they’ll have to be really strategic with her.”

The Democratic Party does not know what to do with the old lady. They only see her as a dollar sign and nothing else. Once they are done with the ability to raise money, they throw her away as they have done to every other poor idiot that has worked with them.

Kamala Harris has done absolutely nothing for the country. She has occupied space in Washington and faded into the background. But all of her job titles are still hanging around her neck like a noose. And it will not be long before she hangs herself for good off a political tree branch. She will only say that she sat around Washington instead of helping a country.

Most vice presidents have always had an easy time getting the presidential nomination from their party once they leave office. But that only happens if they have earned that right. They have to stand out and get noticed because of the great work that they have done. But with Harris, it was all about first-time events and never finishing well.