What’s Kamala Harris Up To? Jones Says She’s ‘Dangerous’

Democrat vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris has been every bit as interesting to conservatives in this election cycle as the presidential candidate, Joe Biden, himself. Thanks to what is believed to be a steep decline in Biden’s cognitive function, many believe that should the Democrat ticket be deemed the winners, it would be a Harris administration in short order.

The senator from California, however, attempted to win the nomination herself and the American people declined to put their trust in a woman with a track record like Harris sported on her way to the VP slot on the Democrat ticket.

Harris, however, has balanced on a thin blade of being the most compelling of the president and vice president candidates for the left, but still having to feign support for whatever Biden says he wants to support if elected.

An excellent demonstration of that supposed support was when Harris dodged a question put to her about the hot topic of “court-packing.” The issue has been on the minds of many with the impending likely confirmation of a fifth conservative juror to the United States Supreme Court in the form of nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

If that nomination goes through, Democrats have called for more “balance” on the nation’s high court, something that they hope to achieve by adding more seats to the current roster of 9, and if Biden (or Harris) is in office, those would almost assuredly be aggressively progressive candidates.

When asked about what the Democrat ticket had in mind for this controversial idea, Harris said that Biden has been “very clear” about his position, when in fact, many are confused about what the would-be 46th president wants to do.

The Democrat presidential candidate has done such a great job of ducking the question that he has publicly avoided it both in the September debate with President Donald Trump and again on Monday when he said that he was “not a fan of cour packing” but didn’t rule it out. When asked if she agreed with his statement, Harris again declined to commit.

“I think that … Vice President Biden has been very clear with the American people where he stands,” Harris said in exclusive comments to Fox News on Tuesday. “The bottom line is we are what is it 21 days now from an election and that’s where we’re focused.”

Harris’ comments came after the second day of questioning in the nomination hearing for Barrett, which the California senator has used to not only question the nominee on individual issues, like Roe v. Wade but healthcare and other controversial questions that have not yet been argued before the prestigious judge.

During the tension fraught hearing, the upcoming election seems to be on the minds of most, with Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, claiming that the reason Biden has avoided the issue of court-packing is that he doesn’t want to deal with the fallout of admitting that he’s in favor of the anti-constitutional proposal.

“There’s only one reason why you refuse to answer that question,” Lee said. “It’s if you’re wanting to be able to do it but you don’t want to take the heat for the fact that you’re thinking about doing it right now.”

Georgia Democratic State Rep. Vernon Jones also weighed in on Harris’ decision to not answer the questions in a surprising move, blasting the senator for her “dangerous” decision for the minority community. Jones made his comments in an interview with Fox Business Network Tuesday.

“First of all, Joe would not be the president,” Jones told host Charles Payne. “It would be who? Kamala Harris. She will do any and everything, say any and everything for power. She is intellectually dishonest. She is flip-flopping. She has gone back and forth.

“A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris to be president, not Joe Biden,” Jones emphasized. “She is dangerous.”