Kansas Military Hero Takes Out Mass Shooter Saving Countless Lives

There are a lot of things that the Democrats hate about the United States. They really do not like conservatives and Republicans that are standing in their way to total domination.

They do not like any type of law enforcement or military volunteers that give their time and service to protect their fellow citizens. The Democrats aim to limit and hurt these people from being able to do their job effectively.

But being a police officer or a member of the military is not a position that needs to be filled. It is more of something that they are. They do not simply serve when they put on the uniform. They serve every day that they are awake.

The Democrats cry and moan about the police and military when they do a job that they think is unfair or an immigrant has been arrested. The Democrats are more concerned about the illegal than they are the agents that keep them safe at night.

A soldier living in Kansas is serving the United States with his life. And as a soldier, he is concerned with keeping people safe by his nature even when he is stuck in traffic. Master Sgt. David Royer is the man that is hated by the Democrats but loved by everyone else. He was stuck in traffic near Fort Leavenworth when a man pulled a rifle from his car and thought it a good idea to start shooting at innocent bystanders.

What was considered to be road rage at first quickly turned out to be the start of another mass shooting. The crazy killer started to shoot people that were simply moving through their day.

Police Chief Patrick Kitchens stated that “There was an active-duty soldier assigned to Ft. Leavenworth waiting in traffic behind the event, saw the event unfold, determined it was an active shooter and intervened by striking the shooter with his vehicle, causing him to be critically injured, ending the encounter with the active shooter and likely saving countless lives.”

The shooter was able to fire off several shots before Royer protectively took action. As a soldier, he is trained to use whatever he has at his disposal to stop the evil that is threatening the innocent. Royer took his vehicle and put it in the face of the shooter. Effectively putting the violence to an end. At the same time, his fiancée who was on the phone as the events unfolded, hung up and called 911 to get help to the scene quickly.

The shooter was not firing at one person. They were shooting at anyone that he saw. The only thing that he could to keep more people from harm was to run the shooter down with his truck. Royer stated that “I feel as if most people in my situation would have done the same thing.” His fiancé, Haley Siela stated “I heard eight or nine gunshots. I was so scared because I didn’t know how this was going to turn out.”

Both of their actions saved a lot of lives that day. But, these are the people that the Democrats hate. They believe that the military is too large and has no business sticking their noses in situations that they should be there for. But, the ironic thing about Democrats is that they will ask for help from the very people that they hate when they are being threatened themselves.

Royer believes that his life in the military prepared him for what he did to stop the shooter. There was no flinching, there was only reaction. Police Chief Kitchens has stated that “Let’s be absolutely crystal clear, his actions were heroic. His actions were extraordinary and he should be commended for that.”

The country needs more people like Royer. They need more people like President Trump. Both of these men seek to better the country by giving of themselves for the betterment of others. The people voted the president into office because they needed to see someone different in the White House. They needed a person that was willing to sacrifice everything to make the United States great again.