Katie Hill, Former Congresswoman, Says We’ll Be Seeing More Of Her

Katie Hill doesn’t seem to know how to stay out of the limelight. She made headlines for quite a while – first with nude photos surfacing because of her ex-husband getting revenge for her cheating. Then, it was because she chose to walk away from her position as a California Representative since the news was becoming too cringe-worthy to stand.

She fell off the radar for all about a week. Last week, she was tweeting heavily about removing a sexual predator from the Oval Office and how it would be great to elect a woman in 2020.

She’s also made a video of herself that she posted on Twitter, wearing a shirt that she got from Representative Ayanna Pressley. It reads: If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. She also used the poor phrasing that people can expect to see “a lot more of her.” Considering there are actual nude photos of her all over the internet, that’s probably not possible.

Hill figures that now that she’s not in Congress any longer, she plans to be a lot more unfiltered. However, she’s pretty much calling the kettle black right now because she’s also the one who had to leave Congress after being investigated for inappropriate work relationships. She was accused of having a sexual relationship with a staffer (while still being married). While she denied one, she admitted that she did have a consensual relationship with one of the female staffers.

The rabid Twitter personalities have not disappointed in regards to their responses to Hill’s video. Mike Breslin points out that the person who was “rightly booted” from Congress for sleeping with her subordinates is the one lecturing on Twitter. Others have chosen to remind Hill that she let down constituents by doing something that many male Congressmen do – and now she’ll be lucky if she can dodge the investigation being conducted by the House Ethics Committee.

There are plenty of others on Twitter who have the basic idea of ‘don’t go away mad, just go away.’

The 43-second video from Katie Hill is a way of her using her former status to get back into the limelight. As for why we should care about Hill in any way, the video doesn’t clear that up. She doesn’t seem to be planning to run for any kind of political office, so maybe she plans to stir the pot from the outside for a while – because that’s what the country needs right now.

She thanks everyone for their support and says that she’s “checking in” as if people care about where she is or what she’s doing. She also says that she’s looking forward to the chance to be unfiltered. This begs the question of whether she plans on outting some of what’s been happening on Capitol Hill, though it’s likely to be heavily tainted by her Democratic standing, especially since she’s friends with Pressley, a founding member of The Squad.

She ends the video by explaining a bit more about her shirt and reminding people that the impeachment hearings start tomorrow. She says to “keep up the fight.” The problem is that she’s fighting against Trump, still, without being a part of the fight since she removed herself from Congress.

Further, she’s not an innocent bystander who did nothing. While the nude photos that have surfaced have been identified as “revenge porn” from her husband she is in the process of divorcing, she was far from innocent. She is part of the swamp that Trump has been trying to drain – and she proved it on a national level by creating the double standard of having an affair with one of her subordinates. She cannot protest against someone and, then, turn around and do the same thing. She’s one of the reasons why the #metoo movement exists, yet she doesn’t even realize it.

She urges everyone to keep up the fight but she wasn’t willing to heed her own advice. She cannot possibly expect people to listen to her when she gave up a position that many women would have loved to have. She was in a position of power to make a difference. While she sat with the Democratic Party, she chose to make a difference in the country. Rather than making a difference, however, she became what she loathes. She became a hypocrite, a person who makes unwanted sexual advances on a co-worker, and a liar. For that, she deserves to watch the hearing on TV like the rest of America. And as for her shirt, we’re outraged, but not because of what the GOP is doing.