Kennedy And His Epstein Punchline

Senator John Kennedy is trying to make light of the entire Jeffrey Epstein fiasco. The American people want answers and he’s acknowledging this in some of the most hilarious ways. He’s been coming up with quite a few jokes, and it’s making for one heck of a punchline.

On Pat Gray Unleashed, he was even talking about what Kennedy (R-La.) said during a hearing with the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ director. Kennedy listed out three things that “don’t hang themselves” – including Christmas ornaments, drywall, and Jerry Epstein. That left many people wanting to know who Jerry Epstein was.

Jeffrey Epstein and Jerry Epstein are one and the same. It appears as though the Senator may have misspoken. Or, perhaps, he was just trying to add a bit more humor to the situation. Of course, people are taking it upon themselves to do that, with memes filling social media. Many are using creative ways to add that Epstein didn’t hang himself. One brewery has even started imprinting that reminder on the bottom of their beer cans.

While many people would rather focus on the impeachment hearing and forget all about Jeffrey Epstein, Sen. Kennedy is going to make sure that doesn’t happen. His joke about the three things that don’t hang themselves is spot on. He has acknowledged that that is what American people think and he is focused on getting the answers, even if others don’t want to.

It’s not surprising about the Democrats want to push the Epstein issue to the back burner. They want to focus solely on the impeachment inquiry. The problem is, the government needs to continue running even though they are focused on impeachment.

The rest of the country cannot stand by while they focus on a single task. Additionally, as the Epstein issue continues on, more and more Democrats seem to have been friendly with the accused sex offender. He certainly made friends with the Clinton family, which is something that Bill and Hillary don’t want to talk about.

As more information comes about Jeffrey Epstein, it is becoming clearer that he did not hang himself. Considering he was on suicide watch, it would have been nearly impossible for him to do so.

The prison guards would have had to stand there and watch him do it. This is why so many people are identifying that he didn’t hang himself – and Sen. Kennedy knows it as well. He’s making a joke out of it since everyone else is, too.

The prison guards responsible for watching Jeffrey Epstein were charged by a federal grand jury with conspiracy as well as filing false records in connection with what they did on the night that Epstein died.

Many people have been saying that Epstein was killed because of everything that he knew. He could have potentially outed countless Democratic politicians who were involved in sex trafficking, child pornography, and more.

On the night that Jeffrey Epstein died, no count or round was made for a period of eight hours between 10:30 PM and 6:30 AM. The indignant simply states that Epstein had committed suicide over the course of the night while being unobserved.

No one believes that. Maybe, the Democrats believe it. However, it is more convenient for them to hope that he committed suicide than to have to open an investigation and be outed with their dirty dealings.

With Sen. John Kennedy conducting the hearing with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, he has already committed to finding out what really happened. Kennedy is a Republican and wants to seek the truth.

He wants to know why the prison guards didn’t watch the area, he wants to know who entered the prison cell, and he wants to know who was responsible for killing Epstein because he knows just as much as anyone else that there was no suicide.

Kennedy makes it easy to have a good laugh at some of the politics happening around Capitol Hill. While he could have taken a staunch, stone-faced approach to the ordeal, he wanted to show that he was human – and people love him for that.

Kennedy may not even realize it, but he has made quite a few fans for himself out of telling the joke about the hanging. People are going to be reciting that all season long. It’s only a matter of time before it shows up on t-shirts and coffee mugs, too.

Thanks, Kennedy, for giving us something to watch other than the impeachment hearings. Maybe he’ll work on another punchline to tide us over until the New Year, too.