Kim Jong Un Vows to Create ‘Invincible Army’

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North Korea’s communist dictator Kim Jong Un is known for his hyperbole. But this recent statement is surely one of his best. Jong Un just said that North Korea is building an “invincible army” to protect itself. He, then, continued to accuse the United States of causing trouble in the region by treating it as “hostile.”

The communist dictator said on Monday, “The U.S. has frequently signaled it’s not hostile to our state, but there is no action-based evidence to make us believe that they are not hostile.” This was reported by the Korean Central News Agency which is North Korea’s state-run media.

He also indicated that the United States is continuing to create tensions in his region based on wrong judgments and actions.

Jong Un put the blame on increases in tensions in the Korean Peninsula directly on the United States. He argued that it was being aggressive toward North Korea, and the solution that he offered was to thwart any attacks on his nation by creating an “invincible military capability.”

The dictator made these comments in the midst of the commemoration of the 76th Anniversary of the Workers Party. The event also included military displays which featured an exhibit of new intercontinental ballistic missiles with a military parade and jets flying over. This is according to the Associated Press.

There were reports on this event that gave details on how one of the displayed road intercontinental ballistic missiles would be one of the biggest of its kind.

According to Reuters, Melissa Hanham of the Open Nuclear Network said that the missile was a “monster.”

Kim indicated in his speech at the commemoration that North Korea’s increasing show of military force and technology was only for defensive purposes. He said that his country was not discussing war with anyone, but hoped to prevent war itself and to literally increase war deterrence. He said that he is focused on the protection of national sovereignty.

Kim Jong Un used his platform to declare that he did not expect war with South Korea.

“I say once again that South Korea isn’t the one that our military forces have to fight against. Surely, we aren’t strengthening our defense capability because of South Korea. We shouldn’t repeat a horrible history of compatriots using force against each other.”

There are experts who believe that North Korea’s weapons increase is part of the communist leader’s way of demonstrating that his country could survive an attack by either South Korea or the United States.

Vipin Narang, a nuclear security expert at MIT, told the Washington Post that generally, Kim wants to show the United States that his deterrent is not only complete but that he continues to work on improving survivability and penetrability against both South Korea and the U.S. Kim believes that this is what “normal” nuclear powers do.

The North Korean leader’s speech also focused on economic issues. He said that he was ashamed that he had never been able to repay the people of North Korea properly for their enormous trust. He, then, thanked the citizens for their patience and told them that economic progress in North Korea remains stagnant. He said that his “efforts and devotion” were not sufficient to bring his people out of difficult livelihoods.

Relations with North Korea have not been a major priority for the Biden administration thus far in his term. But the White House did say that it was open to and would explore diplomacy with North Korea. Obviously, Kim was not happy with the present situation. Most believe that his response was due to strict sanctions imposed on North Korea by the U.S.