Latest Poll Has Biden’s Approval Sinking Like the Titanic

Fida Olga /
Fida Olga /

America has seen some horrific crashes. From the stock market that launched us into the Great Depression, to the Hindenburg, to the Twin Towers. Crashes have unfortunately become part of the tragic portions of American history. These events are sudden, usually come out of nowhere, and catch many innocent victims by surprise. Unimaginable change accompanies these crashes, and people are left picking up the pieces for years if not decades to come.

For Democrats, this is different. The tanking of President Biden’s approval rating is unsurprising to anyone paying attention to politics in the least. Between his failed promises like student loan forgiveness, fixing the economy (which wasn’t broken then), and the legalization of marijuana, people are sick of him. His failed vision of progressive politics contained within the Build Back Better (BBB) bill has been stalled out for months, and now his party is resorting to childish tactics on his behalf.

When the new Quinnipiac poll for December came out, many hoped to see Biden’s numbers improving. Both Democrats and people who hate seeing America fail want to see this man succeed so that America is successful as a result. Yet with that not happening, his approval points just tumble lower and lower. His numbers initially looked good, but that is also because he had COVID going in the right direction. Now with Omicron taking hold, and his people claiming that there is nothing the federal government can do to stop it, people have little reason to support him. While 39% approve of his handling of COVID, 55% directly disapprove.

Holding an overall approval rating of 33% and 53% flat out disapproving of his leadership, things are looking bad. Even the independents (who carried this man into office with their votes that were cast against Trump and not truly FOR Biden) are only giving him a 24% approval rating. Surprisingly, even the Democrats have gone from issuing this man an 87% approval rating to 75% in just one month.

When Biden ran, he ran on a platform of hope, promise, and unification. Something former President Obama hinted at with his campaign as well. For many middle-of-the-road Americans who watched the Democrats do everything they could to destroy President Trump, the idea of peace and fewer arguments sounded like a welcome change. Something they could get behind.

Yet since coming into office, Biden has done nothing but push the great divide between the parties. He has no hope of getting people to cross the aisle and, instead, has politicians and citizens of this great nation more concerned about the needs/wants of their political party and less about the needs of the American people. This is not how democracy was supposed to be, and not how our elected representatives were supposed to behave.

The Democrats changed all that. When they decided to veto bills only to reintroduce them a week later in the same format but with a Democrat’s name as the sponsor of the bill, they thought they were slick. If they got things passed in their name, the American people would think they have done the right things. Given how little attention many pay to politics, they were correct. Now that mindset has led to people staying as politicians for 30+ years without accomplishing anything for the American people, only accomplishing things for the party.

As Biden’s approval rating slips, you have to wonder if the Democrats will do more to try and save face. With the 2022 midterms coming up, and their projected bloodbath of a day, something must change for them in a big way. The whining about filibusters, about people blocking the BBB, or the cries of an unfair redistricting of voters has grown tiresome on the American people. Soon enough, the conservatives will be back in power, and we can fix their long run of mistakes.