Law Prevails for Pro-Life Advocate Taken Prisoner by Murderous Liberals

Marilyn Hatch is a woman that cannot see the helpless baby killed before it can ever open their eyes in the world. Hatch was charged with “Obstructing Health Care Facility Access.” The murderous liberals thought they finally had a pro-life advocate by the throat until they received a letter from her lawyers claiming that what they were doing to her was unconstitutional.

The Thomas More Society is the conservative law firm that came to Hatch’s aid. They were able to get the charges dropped once they sent a letter to Missoula’s senior deputy city attorney.  They correctly proved that the charges were based on a clear violation of her right to voice an opinion peacefully.

Matt Heffron is the man that is working for the Thomas More Society. He stated that “All people have the right to peacefully give their opinions about the dignity of unborn human life outside abortion facilities. The City of Missoula’s decision to criminally charge Mrs. Hatch for engaging in speech protected by the First Amendment was itself unconstitutional.”

They do not have the right to stop a person from peacefully speaking out against things that they believe are wrong. The Democratic liberals will do anything to keep people from exercising their right to speak freely in America.

The law firm fights each case as they come along. Heffron mentioned that “We have to be vigilant in fighting for these rights, each and every time they are violated. That’s what the Thomas More Society is here for.”

The letter that they sent to the city attorney stated that Hatch prayed for the people in the center and counseled those who may want outside of the clinic. She provided people with alternatives in an attempt to save the unborn child. And that is when her troubles began.

A city cop came by and cited Hatch for keeping people from being able to enter the clinic. Not once did she ever attack any person or physically block the entrance to the facility.

The letter clearly stated that “My client from time to time conducts peaceful, prayerful sidewalk counseling at the Blue Mountain abortion clinic [in] Missoula. Mrs. Hatch is well aware of her responsibilities in her activities at the abortion clinic. She has counseled and prayed peacefully on those same sidewalks for approximately two decades. Until now, neither Mrs. Hatch nor anyone she knows ever has been cited for violating the statute involved, which was enacted 16 years ago.”

Hatch never violated the boundaries that the city gave for the protection of abortion clinics. She knew where she could stand to give the services she was offering. People have the right to stand on public land and voice their opinions freely. The Democrats see any challenges to their authority as acts of violence.

But for Hatch, she was Constitutionally protected from voicing her opinions, and the liberals moved to shut her down. And what ticked the Democrats off would lead to Hatch’s freedom.

The letter noted that the “police officer cited Hatch for obstruction even though she was outside Missoula’s stated boundaries. The letter also detailed the unconstitutionality of the city ordinance under which Hatch was charged, citing U.S. Supreme Court decisions in McCullen v. Coakley and Hill v. Colorado, which dealt with the particulars of “buffer zones” and content-based speech outside of abortion businesses. The high court ruled neither is an acceptable excuse to violate the First Amendment.”

The city dug itself a grave by attacking a peaceful woman while protecting innocent life. She is a hero for standing up for those that cannot yet defend themselves against the horrible attacks of the Democratic Party.

Heffron rightly pointed out that “The government didn’t even apply the cited statute correctly, according to the plain words of the statute. They also applied the statute as if it created a buffer zone, which would be unconstitutional. And the statute itself, as written, is unconstitutional. The statute simply has never been constitutionally challenged…yet. When it is finally challenged, it will be stricken down. This would have been a mess of a case for the City of Missoula. I am glad the city did the right thing.”

The Democrats cannot do anything right. Even falsely accusing people of fake crimes.