Left Pushing To Have Rittenhouse Judge Removed After He Seeks the Truth and Not Their Narrative

Jiri Hera / shutterstock.com
Jiri Hera / shutterstock.com

A cis-gendered, white male, with an AR-15, protected businesses from being looted by people protesting a minority being killed by a white cop…This is a liberal’s wet dream of a person to crucify at the AOC alter. Unfortunately for them, this sacrificial lamb is the lamb that won’t get sent to slaughter for numerous reasons. As per the usual, they are upset that they aren’t getting what they want, and are pushing for more change.

The change this time is to remove Judge Bruce Schroeder. Instead of looking at the bumbling prosecution, the fact that he shot in self-defense, or any of the evidence, they instead allege Judge Schroeder is biased. Their starting point of these allegations came this past Wednesday. As the silence of the courtroom was broken, the sounds of ‘God Bless the USA’ by Lee Greenwood were heard as a ringtone by Judge Schroeder. Apparently, since it’s been used at Trump rallies, the judge must be biased (insert level seven eye roll).

A second allegation came the next day as lunch was drawing near. Uttering the phrase “I hope the Asian food isn’t coming.. isn’t on one of those boats from Long Beach Harbor,” by Judge Schroeder caused a ‘collective gasp’ in the media room according to CNN and several other liberal outlets. Yet middle of the road reporters openly stated that there may have been two gasps, but most were either silent or chuckled.

This is what they are objecting to so viciously? A tune that played at a Trump rally for a ring tone, and a joke about the supply chain crisis…really? The liberals have so much to be upset about, it’s a wonder they are ever able to actually be happy. These allegations of bias are incredibly serious, but the causation for their allegations is what makes them laughable.

While the merits of an objection to the Judge’s ringtone playing in court are valid given the request for all devices to be silenced or turned off, the tone in and of itself should truly be no issue. It’s a song that has been played at sporting events, memorial ceremonies, state fairs, and other events for 35 years. Trump using it at a rally does not make it a ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ song. Nor does the playing of it make the people using it bad people.

As for the crack about the supply chain, seriously? Are you upset because he made a joke about the horrible supply chain crisis that is causing massive inflation, or upset because they are having Asian food for lunch? If it’s the former, then you should be writing to your elected officials to get change going on. The latter; grow up. It’s a statement of fact that they were enjoying Asian food for lunch. If they’re trying to somehow stretch this into a COVID thing, then they are just grasping at straws.

Given their petition to have him removed states “Judge Bruce Schroeder has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he is not fit to make fair judgments on this case. His continual insistence that Rittenhouse be allowed to walk free shows that he puts no value in the safety of the public. His decisions in this matter have unequivocally proven that he needs to be removed…This petition, upon receiving enough signatures, will be sent to the Illinois State House. We will demand that they remove Judge Bruce Schroeder from his seat in the interest of the safety of not only the people of Illinois, but for all Americans.” We have some big issues at hand.

Largely the liberals’ inability to understand how the legal system works. He is a Judge in Wisconsin, as such any measure introduced in Illinois has zero bearing on him nor could IL do anything to or about him. It’s time someone educates the left about what is right and wrong.