Let’s Get the Kids to School, Even NYT Agrees

One of the first steps to getting the economy back on track is getting the kids back to school. Once kids are safely in the classroom, many parents can get back into the stores, the offices, and the restaurants. The problem is that Dems don’t want to get the kids back to school because they know that it will boost the economy – Trump’s economy.

A perfect example is in California when there are government officials who have said that it will be safe to send kids back after the election. Not “when the numbers drop” or “once there’s a vaccine” but after the election. And they want to claim that the decision isn’t political?

While plenty of cities and states want to claim that getting kids back into the classroom will cause the pandemic numbers to rise, this is not the case, scientifically speaking. Even the New York Times, one of the more left-leaning papers in the country, has been talking about the importance of getting kids back into the classroom for learning.

As the New York Times wrote, “there is little evidence” that reopening schools will be the cause of the virus spreading. There’s a pattern that’s emerging as schools start to reopen – there aren’t the fearfully high transmission numbers that so many feared. Elementary schools, in particular, are seeing a very small number of infections.

Children can transmit and they can be infected. However, they’re not the super spreaders that many feared that they would be.

Many doctors, including infectious disease experts, are saying that there’s sufficient evidence for schools to open safely as long as there are strong safety plans in place. As Dr. David Rubin, a pediatrician and infectious disease expert from the University of Pennsylvania says, “If you’re really trying to keep kids in school, you have to do this in a much different way.”

The “different way” doesn’t mean that there are zero risks. However, such things as masks for everyone, physical distancing, and improved ventilation can all make a difference – and it can ensure that kids get back into the classroom for better and more comprehensive learning.

Getting the schools open doesn’t mean putting the kids or the communities at risk, either. News just broke about the “mom code” happening in Utah where parents are choosing to keep kids hope but not get them tested if they exhibit symptoms. Why? They don’t want a few kids testing positive for COVID-19 to be the reason that the schools close back down.

There are going to be instances where people test positive. However, it’s not going to be the reason for a second outbreak – and what’s happening in New York City is a perfect example. They’re the first major city to get the kids back to school. After 1800 schools reopened, random testing of 16,000 students and staff members resulted in only 28 positive cases.

For months, Trump has been made to look like an idiot and been chastised by the left for calling for the schools to open. He even threatened federal funding if the schools didn’t reopen in the fall. It turns out that he did know what he was talking about. The kids need to be in the classroom to learn amongst their peers. It’s the best thing possible for the kids and for the parents.

It’s been hard to make decisions – especially when the CDC flip flops back and forth on their recommendations.

The Left doesn’t want to do anything that could paint Trump in a good light. They don’t want to admit that he was right about getting kids back to school. They don’t want to do anything that could cause the economy to bounce back while he’s still in power. However, it’s getting to a breaking point because parents want their kids in school. When even the New York Times agrees that it’s time to open the schools, these liberal cities and states have to get over it and simply open up.