Let’s Panic: Biden Won’t Talk About His Stance on BLM’s BREATHE Act

Black Lives Matter isn’t going to go away unless we make them go away. That would be up to Joe Biden. Now is the time to send a clear message that he’s not going to negotiate with terrorists. Yet, he’s not saying anything at the moment.

The BREATHE Act is the way for the co-founders of Black Lives Matter to get their say in the way that the entire country deals with law enforcement. They want to end police brutality, but they want to take it to unacceptable new levels – including making it hard for officers to do their job when they’re pursuing criminals.

Rashida Tlaib is one of the members of Congress who have helped to bring the voice of BLM to Capitol Hill.

There’s a lot held within the BREATHE Act – and none of it is good news. It wants to eliminate life sentences, expunge drug crimes for non-violent criminals, defund a number of federal agencies, and even permanently close prisons.

To pass the BREATHE Act would allow criminals to roam free. It would mean that there would be no repercussions for people who break the law. There’d be no reason why people would feel the need to follow law and order because they would know that there’s not going to be a prison or a life sentence waiting for them.

This isn’t just about black versus white. It’s about wrong and right.

The bill that Tlaib and other progressives have created with the help of Patricia Cullors, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter would also end gang databases, establish programs for universal basic income, and even provide not only voting rights but also “lifetime education” to incarcerated criminals and illegal immigrants alike.

So, essentially, if you’re a criminal or you’re in the country illegally, you would get more benefits than legal, law-abiding American citizens.

No. There’s nothing about the BREATHE Act that is okay.

This is when Biden needs to speak up and explain what side of the fence he is on. Is he going to say “no” to the BREATHE Act or is he going to throw his support fully behind it?

Crickets. Despite constant questioning from the media, Biden and his entire transition team has stayed silent on where the administration sits on this important piece of legislature.

We’ve been told that Biden is going to make a number of “big” moves during his first 100 days. That’s all well and great, but it’s important to know where he stands on the reforms that affect law enforcement.

None of the aspects of the BREATHE Act are just for the black communities. They affect everyone because people of every color break the law. People of every color have faced police brutality at one point or another. However, prisons, gang databases, and more are necessary to maintain law and order within the country. To shut down and defund federal agencies and permanently close prisons and detention centers would eliminate any kind of deterrence currently in place.

The idea is to deter people from committing crimes – not to encourage them to commit more.

Biden has already made history by electing the first Black female as the Vice President. He’s proven that he’s going to make some bold moves. However, it needs to be done in different ways – not with the BREATHE Act.

Backing the BREATHE Act is giving a green light to Black Lives Matter to show that they have the upper hand. It would only prove that with enough violence, anything is possible. BLM riots consumed the country for months – and if Biden chooses to back this legislation, he has said that it was all allowed.

Biden needs to start talking. It’s not just enough to say that he’s going to address the racial wealth gaps and some of the disparities affecting black communities. If he’s not willing to shun the idea of BREATHE, we all need to be very worried about what the country will look like under the Biden administration.