Let’s Tax Everyone? Biden Admin Proposes Value Added Tax (VAT) to Pay for Absurd Spending Binge

At first, we assumed that the sticker shock associated with Biden’s latest spending binge would cause more moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin to bow out gracefully. We assumed that Manchin would be the first one to cry foul and try to trim the new infrastructure bill. Instead, he has thrown everyone a curveball.

After watching him bid the party down when it came time to pass the COVID-19 relief bill. From the looks of it, Manchin and his ilk are fine with a massive bill and they are already looking to raise taxes to pay for it. Judging from this reaction, there must be plenty of benefits for West Virginia in this bill.

He’s not going to play ball unless there is candy to be shared, we all know this. There’s also another theory going around. Manchin knows that the left is not going to be pleased when voting rights concerns and gun control are not addressed in a meaningful way.

In his mind, this is probably a way for him to make up those defeats to them. He’s got a red state majority that needs to be taken care of and they’re not going to take kindly to any of the leftist demands. If he cannot make their dreams come true in the manner that they hope, the least that he can do is take care of them in a more economic sense. NBC News has more on this developing story.

“I’m sure of one thing: It’s going to be enormous,” the West Virginia Democrat, who is seen as a swing vote in a chamber divided 50-50, told reporters at the Capitol.

While he didn’t predict a price tag, Manchin said Congress should do “everything we possibly can” to pay for it. He said there should be “tax adjustments” to former President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax law to boost revenues, including by raising the corporate rate from the current 21 percent to at least 25 percent.

Some of the tax benefits in the Republican law were “weighted in one direction” and could be reversed, Manchin said. He also suggested an “infrastructure bank” paid for with revenues, potentially a value-added tax, that would be used for “rebuilding America.”…

“Where do they think it’s going to come from?” he asked. “How are you going to fix America?”

That’s a pretty grim prognosis, if we are being totally honest here. No one is going to want to pay a VAT on top of their usual federal income tax. That’s too much to expect from the average person at this point. People have had a long, hard year.

How can they be expected to shoulder more taxation at this moment in time? At first, it was “well, the rich will be paying for it with these awesome wealth taxes that we have proposed” and “don’t worry about it, your taxes are not going to go up at all!”

It seems that Biden has already run this idea up the flagpole and the rich and powerful who really run this country told him to kiss them between the back pockets. Now that the wealthy have told him to go suck a lemon, they’re going to do an about face and convince us why we are the ones who should shoulder this burden.

The assurances that we were given about the progressive taxes that would be levied were all for naught. This is also a signal that they are going to pass the bill through reconciliation. There is no possible way that the Republicans are going to be willing to sign on for even more spending after they stood in opposition to the COVID-19 relief bill.

Either way, Biden is not going to be bothered by the growing national debt. He keeps piling on the expenses and he does not care one iota. When even the reddest of Democrats is not willing to throw their body in front of this, you know that something awful is going to happen.