Liberal Organization Attacks Republican Group in Portland with Smoke Bombs at Peaceful Rally

James Bentley Photography /

The lousy Democrats have selected groups that they empower to do their dirty work at their disposal. They empower groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa to carry out their violent expressions since they cannot rightfully do it themselves and remain in office.

The liberals in Washington love to disavow any knowledge of involvement in the work of their dirty organizations. They are quick to deny their existence and even quicker to approve of their actions when it benefits their cause. The actions of Antifa during a particular rally lay to rest any doubt that the terrorist organization is connected to the Democratic Party.

Members of the Democratic Antifa group laid siege to a rally hosted by a Republican running for governor. The terrorist group moved in and launched smoke grenades, balloons with paint, and fireworks at the people. It was an all-out attack on the Republican Party. The group has never before attacked a Democrat at one of their rallies since Antifa has jumped into bed with the liberals.

Newsmax reported that “‘Portland #Antifa militants carried out an organized attack on Sandy, OR mayor @StanPulliam & his supporters, which included families & children,’ prominent riot journalist Andy Ngo tweeted. ‘Pulliam, a Republican, is running to be Oregon’s governor. Two suffered injuries from Antifa’s mortar fireworks.'” There was no concern for the kids or innocent bystanders attending the rally. Antifa members showed up and started shooting harmful objects at people.

Stan Pulliam is the Republican running for the governor’s office. He noted that it took the police over 20 minutes to show up. The sad reality of the slow response time is directly related to the defunding of the police and the way the Democrats view law enforcement. Antifa rules in Portland because their liberal supporters give them free rein to engage in acts of terror when it becomes necessary.

Antifa attacked the rally near the police headquarters in the downtown area. The response should have been quick and decisive. But the lousy liberals have seen limiting what the police can do within city limits.

Liberals secretly commissioned Antifa to attack the rally because they wanted to deny conservatives the right to free speech. Pulliam had a message of hope and freedom to share. But he couldn’t get the message out because he had to duck for safety.

Pulliam stated that “The days of Antifa ruling the streets of Portland are about to end. A group of Oregonians attempted what used to be protected free speech — showing up to a peaceful campaign rally in Portland. The fact that this was not possible is a sign of the slow decay that has taken hold of our state and once beautiful city of Portland.”

The Republican also noted that Portland needs people in leadership positions who will do what is right and protect the people from Antifa and the other liberal groups that seek to undermine freedom in America.

Pulliam plans to destroy Antifa and root the terrorist cell out of Portland for good. The liberals are worried their secret group is going to be destroyed. They cannot afford to lose their arm of terror.

Pulliam is proposing to increase law enforcement throughout the state, enhance the U.S. Marshals by expanding their numbers, use the National Guard to fight back against Antifa and other such groups, target people who are known terrorists, defund Antifa and go after any politician or state official involved in aiding groups committing violence.

People are sick and tired of being victims at the hands of the Democrats. The liberals want to actively strangle and limit what Republicans and conservatives can do in the state. But what they fail to understand is the red wave extends to the state level as much as it does to the federal level.

The politicians who support and deny the exitance of Antifa will find out that people are tired of being targeted by the terrorists. Voters are set to clean house by kicking the Democrats out of office as they did in Virginia.