Liberals Demand Cruz Return and Suffer with Everyone Else

Ted Cruz is the latest target of the loony left. His family decided that it was time to take a vacation, and while they were away, the weather turned bad in Texas. And now the liberals are all crying that Cruz is neglecting his duty as a public servant simply because he is not in the state to suffer along with everyone else.

The duplicity of what is being cried about regarding Ted Cruz being gone is that the liberals have far worse actions in their immediate past.

Rachel Levine was known to remove her mother from a nursing home before she issued the order for the homes to accept COVID patients. Levine is Biden’s Health and Human Services nominee. She obviously lives by the rule that what is good for everyone else is not good enough for her.

The liberals also fail to mention that Marion Barry knew about the blizzard during Super Bowl 21. He chose to stay in California at that time to avoid being in the thick of the horrible weather. And yet, no one seemed to care that he partied with a bunch of women and almost died from a hangover, all while his district was suffering through a horrible weather event.

People believe that leaders have the power to stop things from happening. For the liberals, they place their trust in leaders to the point that they deify them. But in all reality, Ted Cruz could have done nothing about the snow and ice.

And he could have done nothing about the power outages. Any help would have had to come from Governor Abbott’s office. And there was plenty of it to go around.

The liberals were just looking for any issue to attack a Republican. The liberal news source, The New York Times, tried to spin the story as if he deliberately left the state, so he did not have to suffer like everyone else.

The Times reported that “As Texas was battered by an icy storm and widespread power losses that left millions of residents freezing and fearing for their safety, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas left the state on Wednesday and traveled to Mexico for a previously planned family vacation, according to a person with direct knowledge of the trip.”

They admit that the trip was planned ahead of time, so there is no reason to think that he did this on purpose. The media went on to show pictures of the family boarding a plane as if it was some kind of sin to be a family.

What the media fails to report is that Governor Abbott was the one that had to deal with all of the outages and breakdown of the power grid. It was not Cruz’s responsibility to care for Texans.

For people to blame ted Cruz for leaving town, the Democrats want to discredit Republicans. They already hate Cruz because he stood for the 75 million people that wanted to verify that the election results were accurate. They hated him at that time, and now they hate him even more for spending time with his family.

The media acts like Cruz’s fault for families that got sick from CO2 poisoning and shivering because it is cold outside. The truth is that nothing could have been done when the storm moved through.

The National Guard should be used to assist those in need. But Biden and Pelosi have them all wrapped up in a garage in Washington, protecting Biden and Pelosi from imaginary threats.

Ted Cruz is an amazing man as he does not try and argue. He comes back willing and does what he can for people.

Cruz stated that “With school cancelled for the week, our girls asked to take a trip with friends. Wanting to be a good dad, I flew down with them last night and am flying back this afternoon.”

Proof that the Democrats were targeting Cruz is seen in response to his statement from the Texas Democratic Party. They want him to resign for being a good dad to his kids and family. It is his right to travel and take time for them.

Instead of being attacked, his actions should be praised because he cares for his family like all good dads should do.