Liberals Demand Water Conservation…Except for Their Pot

22August /
22August /

The liberals seem to be all over the board in terms of what they want to support. The problem is that they are supporting many things that are in direct contradiction of one another. They must learn that they cannot have their cake and eat it, too.

In an effort to focus on climate change, the liberals love to push things like greenhouse emissions and water conservation. They’re big on pointing out that crops that take too much water should simply be eliminated. Heck, they’re ready to cancel Halloween simply because of the number of pumpkins being used. Pumpkins use a significant amount of water…and here we are just carving them until our heart’s content. How dare we.

Seriously, though, if we’re going to focus on water conservation, then we have to be mindful of all the crops that use an excessive amount of water.

But first, let’s look at one of the other liberal issues: the legalization of marijuana. They’re desperate to make sure that Americans can get their hands on marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. If it were up to them, it would be allowed on a federal level, which would mean dispensaries could use federal banks. The government could enjoy the taxes that come from the industry. And, cannabis plants would show up all over the country.

There’s just one problem. It seems that the liberals don’t want to embrace the reality that cannabis uses more water than so many other conventional crops, including wheat, corn, soybean, cotton, and rice.

Uh oh, well this doesn’t look good for the liberals. So, what’s it going to be? Water conservation or marijuana? Oh, well, they want both. Good. Maybe, then, we can still focus on greenhouse emissions while still keeping the beef industry alive and well. We’ll give up our cows when they give up their marijuana. Since that’s not going to happen, we can continue to enjoy the juicy burgers and steaks that we love so much.

Cannabis producers have often been under the impression that marijuana is less water-intensive. However, new research shows that’s not the case. They require more water, despite their ability to grow in arid and drought-stricken regions of the U.S.

Regardless of whether the cannabis is grown indoors or out, there’s a high demand for water. It also leads to a significant amount of water pollution…though the liberals don’t want to listen. After all, they’ve proven that they’re not a big fan of science.

Three researchers from Illinois State University have reviewed the literature regarding cannabis cultivation. Particularly, they looked at the environmental impacts of the crop in regard to air, water, oil, energy consumption, and even the carbon footprint.

The water demand is nearly double that of some of the commodity crops. The researchers found that a cannabis plant, on average, will consume six gallons of water per day through the growing season. Similarly, wine grapes will only use three gallons of water per day.

The liberals have to be careful about how much they want to push climate change agendas on the country as a whole. Anyone in the industry of cultivating crops will know what crops take more water and what crops take less.

As soon as AOC or anyone else wants to come for a particular crop (or anything else) in the name of the environment, it will be high time (no pun intended) to bring up this little factoid about cannabis’ water consumption.