Liberals So Blinded by Hate That Everyone Looks Like Donald Trump

Governor DeSantis powers up when the meddling media takes aim at his head. The Florida governor does not quiver in fear before the media, and he certainly does not take liberal lies sitting down. The way he has led his state through COVID-19 defies all expectations.

The schools are open, people are back to work, and he is leading by example.

The pandemic regulations that were put in place a year ago have been proven to be way over the top when it comes to handling the virus. Democrats at various levels loved to keep the destructive rules in place because they have a sense of power that they just cannot let go of.

Governor DeSantis took the lead early on when he opened the state back up.

Most of the nation could not decide what direction to take, and they thought the man was crazy. But time has proven that he was right with how he has handled the virus. His approach has led to fewer infections and less economic destruction than any other state in the Union.

But everyone knows that the media loves to twist the truth and tell lies about DeSantis. The media start to spread lies that the governor was allowing his supporters to be first in line for the vaccine.

But the truth is that he set up sites for distribution and opened the door for the rollout to take place quickly. There was no scandal—just a bunch of lies coming through media channels.

The problem with the media and the Democrats is that they have grown so hard in their hatred for Donald Trump that anyone that identifies as a Republican looks like Trump. They act as if everyone that identifies as a conservative is a clone of the billionaire.

The problem with the liberals is that they are so jealous of DeSantis and Donald Trump that they cannot let them have the credit for a successful run through the pandemic months. The liberals continue to think that they are right, and they just cannot admit that their ways are not working.

The public now knows that Biden is a traitor, and the conservatives are right. Kamala Harris is arrogant and knows nothing about how to serve as vice president. And Nancy Pelosi continues to sit in her chair staring at the camera, acting like she is doing something.

They continue to sit in power and are accomplishing nothing.

The people that hate Donald Trump lost their hated figurehead. They dare not go after the Democrats of whom they love. So, they are turning to prominent Republican leaders that are making a difference for the country.

The one group that calls themselves “Never Trumpers” has lost sight of what their group stands for. They cannot bring themselves to attack Senate Republicans or Democrats because, for some strange reason, they do not look like Donald Trump.

Every time Trump made a decision, they were there to attack him and all his supporters. People that support life and condemn the death of babies are seen as terrorists because Trump was pro-life. The problem for these out-of-date Trump haters is that they have no one left to hate, so they see people like Trump and go after them.

In a way, the Trump-hater group is nothing more than a zealous cult. Their hatred was driven and pointed so much that they cannot even see past the fact that Donald Trump is no longer in office. The main reason for their religion is gone.

But like every zealot, they remain committed to a cause that no longer exists.

DeSantis is now their new target. He wears a mask that makes him look like Trump to the hater group. The only thing that Ron DeSantis has done is look out for the people of Florida.

He has stood up to the liberal corruption ring and told Hoe Biden what he could do with himself and the ridiculous policies he is trying to make everyone obey. DeSantis has Florida so ahead of the federal game that Biden will never catch up.