Liberals Want Homeless to Move on Their Own as Law Enforcement Is Kept out of the Way

The state of California is in a terrible place. Gavin Newsom’s policies have turned the state into a liberal mess. People are demanding his removal while others have already fled the state for a better place to live. And for the people living in the City of Los Angeles, things are about to go from back to worse.

A bunch of liberal nutcases runs the city council. They took it upon themselves to approve a new ordinance that will limit where people can reside for any length of time. At first glance, the ordinance appears to be a good move by the council, but it only shifts one problem from one department to another.

The new ordinance is used “to specify the particular times and locations where it shall be unlawful for a person to sit, lie, or sleep, or to store, use, maintain, or place personal property in the public right-of-way.” It tells the homeless that they have to vacate or be charged with a crime during certain times of the day.

Alex Villanueva is the Los Angeles County, sheriff. He had been on the city councils’ case because they refuse to deal with the homeless problem that continues to grow in the city. the council refuses to look at the problem because they hope it will just pass onto the next town.

Villanueva started to address the matter independently by removing homeless people from areas where they were not supposed to be. Many of the homeless people had built their make-shift homes on the Venice Beach boardwalk. And this is the one area that the sheriff started to work his magic. That was until the city leaders passed the ordinance that effectively allows the homeless people to stay in the area until the time window comes for them to leave.

The city has just cut law enforcement out of the picture and handed the homeless people a big win for staying put. They have taken the teeth out of the law, which the police can no longer enforce.

The ordinance was passed 13-2. It also prevents the homeless from making their homes near specific centers in the city, which tells them that everywhere else in the city is just fine. They can build in designated zones approved by the city council, just about anywhere in the city that is not a public space.

The city council had the lawyers develop the ordinance quickly. This kept people from having the ability to read it and scrutinize it. One report noted that Backers of the ordinance said it would compassionately restore access to public spaces, limiting the involvement of law enforcement and labeling most violations as infractions that would result in fines, not jail time.”

The liberals think they have found a way to limit the police. But what they have done is open a box with a beast that will come out and bite them.

The sheriff stated that “We’ve seen ten years of people complying voluntarily. How is that working out for you?” The city has asked for compliance in the past but has been met with staunch resistance. The liberals think that these people will voluntarily move out during select times of the day. But they could not have been more wrong.

And on the other side of the fence, the progressives and socialists are against the ordinance because they feel that to make them move at all is just not fair. So maybe the solution is to make the homeless move in with the socialists and see if they change their minds at all in the future.

The ambiguous ordinance still has a rocky road ahead of it before it can be socialized. One report noted that “The anti-camping ordinance cannot go into effect until council members cast a second vote, which is expected to take place at the end of the month. It would also need Mayor Eric Garcetti’s signature and several weeks of procedural tasks to occur.”

Either way, the ordinance has ticked off both sides of the fence. The police cannot protect people and clear out the homeless. And the socialists hate it because it makes the homeless move around. But in the end, the homeless will do what they want because, as the sheriff stated, they have been doing it for the past ten years.