Yet Another Biden Campaign Lie Exposed! Russian Bounty Story Wasn’t True – Just Like All of the Other Lies About Trump

The deep state Democrats’ lies are being exposed on a regular basis these days and we are all about it. Seasoned readers probably remember when the Gateway Pundit let the world know that the “Russian bounties” stories were total fakes. The mainstream media was not so quick to share that. “The fake New York Times […]

Biden Admin Declares Murdering Conservatives Is Now OK! This Is What America Has Become Under Biden!

This is not unexpected for us but that does not make it any less of a cruel blow. The Department of Justice is not going to be charging the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt during the Capitol riots. The worst part of all is that they seem to tacitly endorse these actions. The Associated Press […]

Biden’s Army of Thugs Attack and Burn Down Portland Police Station With Officers Inside

The City of Roses used to be a city of peace. Now, it has become a city that will never stop burning. The rioters are making sure of it. The rule of law means nothing to these people. The warm weather is here, so you know the vandals and rioters are going to be out […]

And the Democrat Propaganda Machine Continues to Attack Georgia’s Fair Election Laws

Since this law was passed, the Democrats have been on the warpath. They have decided that it is time to go on a public relations rampage and we are getting tired of it. This story serves as an insane microcosm of the awfulness that is currently going on. There are two possibilities in this particular […]

Iowa Standing up to Biden’s Insane Child Abuse at the Border, Refuses to Take In Biden’s Child Sex Trafficking Victims

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds received a request from the Biden administration about her willingness to house minors that are unaccompanied. As the border crisis continues to worsen, Biden is left to find solutions that are imperfect at best. The illegal immigrants are now being moved further into the country, which is a recipe for disaster. […]

Arkansas Senate Passes Bill to End Mask Mandates Forever

In the last few weeks and months, we’ve seen a growing trend across the nation to refuse government mandates on coronavirus-related restrictions such as wearing masks. States like Texas, Florida, Indiana, Alaska, Arkansas, just to name a few, have already dropped the ridiculous guidelines that suggest everyone should be wearing a face mask or some […]

Harris Proves She is Worse Than Joe Biden Could Ever Be

The iconic resemblance of Kamala Harris and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is freakish. In every photo, both of them always have their heads tilted and their mouths open. As if they are waiting for them their next meal to buzz into the mouths.  Harris loves sitting in the vice president’s office. She sees herself as finally arriving […]

The Fall of the Mighty! Cuomo Continues to Implode Over His Intentional Mass Murder of Nursing Home Residents

New York Senate Democrats have had enough of Governor Cuomo’s antics. They are finally moving to strip him of the emergency pandemic powers that he never should have had in the first place. Now that the FBI and US Attorney in Brooklyn are poking around, people are starting to get nervous. They are looking to […]

The Great Purge Continues! Twitter Bans Project After Leaked Video of Dorsey Admitting They Helped Biden

Big Tech is purging all of the accounts that they don’t like and the world of social media is stuck in a holding pattern. It feels like one of our favorite follows is getting their Twitter account deleted on a daily basis. It’s sad and worrisome but of course, the liberals are still cackling and […]

Trump Is Under Pressure to Take One Final Swing at China Over the Uighar Slave Issue Since Biden Has Never Had a Problem With It

It’s no secret how China is deeply entrenched in the use of slave labor to assist in the manufacturing of items many Americans enjoy in their homes. The very shirt on your back may have been stitched by a worker who had no choice in the matter. Republican lawmakers of the House Armed Services Committee […]

Pence Emphatically Tells ‘Silent Majority’ to ‘Let Your Voice Be Heard’

The silent majority. This is the majority that isn’t being heard on the polls. This is the majority that the Dems pretend not to know anything about. It is also the majority that was responsible for Trump winning in 2016 when all the polls showed that Hillary Clinton had the election in the bag. Now, […]

Iran’s Missiles Were Duds, but America Should Still Be Alarmed

First off, everyone was not surprised that Iran retaliated after American forces sent a drone to kill Iran’s top general and notorious terrorist Qassem Soleimani. What shocked everyone in the American intelligence officials and the United States military was the scale and boldness of Iran’s retaliation. Iran pulled off a dud. The attack did minimal […]

Atlanta Police Chief Prohibits Police Chases

As the police chief of any city, I can imagine that the job is quite taxing. It requires a great deal of patience, skill, and leadership to ensure that the citizens are kept safe and that the criminals who prey on them get the justice they deserve. Undoubtedly, in some cases, bad calls are made. […]

The Presidents’ War Powers

The Democrats hate the president, and they will stop at nothing to try to limit his influence. President Trump has done everything right for the benefit of the country. His critics on the left have done everything to destroy him and remove him from office. The latest attempt by the left to stop President Trump […]

New York Times 1619 Project Falsifies History and is in Now Schools

The 1619 Project is an extremely dangerous idea. It will change the way America looks within one generation if it goes viral. This project has been launched by the notorious New York Times to reexamine the concept of slavery in the United States. The New York Times promotes anti-American news and policies. Their goal is […]

Cancel Thanksgiving Over Global Warming? We Think Not, Huffpo

The left is going crazy about global warming, saying that we’ve only got a few years to be able to turn things around. We need to get rid of the cows, the fossil-fuel-burning companies, and a list of other things. Now, Huffington Post has an idea that they’ve been mercilessly ridiculed for: canceling Thanksgiving. The […]

The Price Tag for Beto’s Failed Presidential Run is Unbelievable

Well, it’s official. Former Texas congressman and 2020 presidential candidate Robert ‘Beto’ Francis O’Rourke has officially turned in his resignation to become president of the United States. Running polls at the very bottom of the over-crowded Democratic field let us know some time back that he probably wouldn’t make it anywhere close to the White […]

Sanders and Omar Promote ‘Lock Him Up’ Chants

During the 2016 presidential race, one of the most controversial issues as far as campaign tactics was the use of the ‘Lock her up’ being chanted at Trump rallies. For the crowds present at those rallies and the persons responsible, it was a direct response to Hillary Clinton’s handling or mishandling of classified information and […]

Teen Charged with Shooting a Seven-Year-Old Girl in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, is one of the worst cities in America when it comes to the crime rate.  No one is considered safe in the city, and it does not matter the age of the person, everyone is at risk of being shot or killed. On Holloween, a seven-year-old girl was shot by a 15-year-old boy […]

Will Kamala Harris Be the Next to Drop Out?

The latest indication that the presidential campaign of Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Ca. is in big trouble was reported by CNN. Harris has closed three of her four campaign offices in New Hampshire, site of the first in the nation primary, and has laid off all of her field organizers in that state. The only people […]

Huh? Trump is to Blame for California Wildfires

It is hard for a real American to come to terms or even imagine how much hatred the Democrats have for President Trump.  All we have on our minds as Conservatives are “Keeping America Great!”  It is all about our country and keeping her thriving. We are proud to be Americans, but we are not […]

Michelle Obama Lets Her Racism Slip

Michelle Obama just proved to the world how racism works both ways.  For well over a century, it was always the African Americans who were calling the shots on the whites being racist and carrying hatred toward them. Some people are, but not everyone.  The same goes for all races.  Some people look at the […]

The Media is Ignoring a Destructive Strike Force to Attack Iran

Trump Announces Decision on Iran Deal
We have grown to become a nation where the media cast stories of slander, lies, and abuse to fit the Left’s agendas and not cover stories of truth and value.  The media is now ignoring an important story that is happening right now. The mullahs in Tehran, Iran are not ignoring what is happening, and […]

Top Defense Republican’s Reaction to Statement on U.S. Attack

Everyone knows by now President Trump has a way with words.  Many people love the “cold hard knocks,” while others are snowflakes and cannot take the heat.  Either way, the president speaks his mind and tells it like it is whether those are listening like it or not.  You got to love him!  He is […]

Animal Testing Comes To An End Under Trump Administration

The odds have been stacked against the Trump administration from the very beginning. He’s done a lot of great things since taking office – though you’ll never hear about it from the media because they don’t want you to know. Animal testing is being phased out by the Trump administration – and many people had […]

(VIDEO) John McCain’s Wife Attacks Trump’s Policies Saying Late Husband Would Be Today’s Political “Voice of Reason”

(VIDEO) John McCain’s Wife Attacks Trump’s Policies Saying Late Husband Would Be Today’s Political “Voice of Reason”
There are many mixed views on the Late John McCain and the legacy he left behind. It’s been over a year now since his death and his wife, Cindy McCain, remains firm on what the late Senator thought of President Trump’s immigration and political policies. During an interview, she said her late husband would be […]

(VIDEO) Anti-Semitic Dem Ilhan Omar DEMANDS Palestinians Have Freedom to Move Into Israel Because Israel IS NOT a “DEMOCRACY”

(VIDEO) Anti-Semitic Dem Ilhan Omar DEMANDS Palestinians Have Freedom to Move Into Israel Because Israel IS NOT a “DEMOCRACY”
Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) are at it ONCE AGAIN, spreading false propaganda while also showing their open dislike of the Israeli government, during a joint press conference on Monday. Earlier last week, both Tlaib and Omar were BANNED from entering Israel. For months, they frequently attacked the Jewish state […]

AMERICA’S PUBLIC TOILET? Open Borders and Democratic Leadership Blamed for Rise of Leprosy in LA County

AMERICA'S PUBLIC TOILET? Open Borders and Democratic Leadership Blamed for Rise of Leprosy in LA County
California is one of the most liberal states in the Union. And now… It’s also becoming America’s public toilet! According to news reports, Los Angeles County is fast becoming infected with STD’s and leprosy. Medscape reported: Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, is rarely seen in the United States, but cases continue to emerge in […]

Democrats Will LOVE THIS! Lindsey Graham Calls for Shutdown of “Hate Sites” as Defined By the LEFT and Calls for New Gun Laws (VIDEO)

Democrats Will LOVE THIS! Lindsey Graham Calls for Shutdown of “Hate Sites” as Defined By the LEFT and Calls for New Gun Laws (VIDEO)
This is what the Democrats WANT! One of the main missions of the far-Left is to push for more gun control legislation. Their goal is to make it tougher for law-abiding citizens to protect their property and loved ones. In addition to gun control, Graham is also pushing for offensive “hate sites” to be taken […]

BREAKING: Here’s the Medical Examiner’s FINAL Ruling on Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

BREAKING: Here’s the Medical Examiner’s FINAL Ruling on Jeffrey Epstein’s Death
The results are in. The New York City medical examiner ruled Epstein’s death was a suicide by hanging. Epstein autopsy report reveals cause of death — -MG (@GreatChlorus) August 16, 2019 According to reports, the Billionaire was found hanging in his prison cell and had several broken bones in his neck, which is […]

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