Los Angeles County Gives a Glimpse Into Who is Responsible for Surge in COVID-19

The pandemic has brought out the worst in some people. The worst people to deal with and live with are Democrats. Their liberal biased approach to life seeks to pin the blame on law-abiding citizens. And when liberal leaders are thrown into the mix, things can take a nasty turn for the worst in a matter of moments.

When liberals are faced with truthful questions, they will either lie or dodge the question, or they will blubber along in the talk until they reveal something that they will later regret.

And this is where Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti finds himself. He would love to go back and take his words back about who is really at fault for all the COVID-19 cases.

Garcetti was once praised as a star that could someday run for the presidency. But his mouth and actions are getting the best of him. He praised the violent protests that happened during the Black Lives Matter moments. And he has neglected the homeless in his city.

As Garcetti was facing questions regarding the mounting spikes in COVID cases, he started squirming in his seat. And the only way that he could get himself out from under the thumb of pressure was to start babbling and placing blame.

Democrats will never accept responsibility for the hurt they cause. They will always seek to place the blame on someone else.

The young-minded Garcetti started to blame his problems on other people. The first thing he blamed was that the city of Los Angeles is the densest in the country. He stated that too many people live in a common area, and that is why COVID-19 is spreading so fast.

He went on to say that “One person is coming home, an essential worker, there might be five, seven, 10 people in that household…So, my message to everybody is this is not only going to come for somebody that you love. This is going to possibly come for you. And so everything we do is either lifesaving or life-taking at this point.”

His words were found to full of lies.

Los Angeles is not the densest city. New York City is the densest city in the country. So instead of accepting responsibility, the silly man tried to lie his way out of the pressure of answering questions that he was not qualified to answer.

Next up on his list to be assassinated are the medical workers. He stated that his city does not have enough of them. And yet there are other cities with far fewer workers, and they are doing just fine.

Garcetti even blamed people living together as a reason why the virus was running amuck.

He stated, “There’s no question that we have a shortage of medical personnel, but that’s not yet why we think those deaths are happening… This is a virus that preys off of our weakness, preys off of our exhaustion. If you get two households together for Christmas, if you went to a New Year’s gathering – even if it was people you know and love so you thought it was OK – that’s when this virus exploits that weakness and is going far.”

He then contradicts himself as he would later say that people should get together for the holidays. He was a significant subscriber to Newsom’s three household limit.

He also believes that failure to shutdown businesses has led to the massive spreading of the virus. The fact that the virus continues to spread should be a wake-up call for liberals to admit that they cannot control everything. They like to think that they can, but they will never admit their weaknesses.

And when asked if members of his own party could have done more to help the situation, he “respectfully disagreed.”

He stated very clearly that “Well, I respectfully disagree because I said six months ago, calling with Senator Chris Coons and a bipartisan coalition in Washington for a care corps, a care corps that would have trained people for all sorts of things, including vaccine distribution, while Washington dithered, while they went on vacations, while they didn’t pass a relief bill for seven or eight months – we could have been training out of work folks and students to be ready.”