Louisiana’s DOH Orders Pharmacies to Stop Filling Prescriptions on Horse Dewormer

Louisiana’s Department of Health is overstepping boundaries by telling pharmacies not to fill prescriptions that are being written by doctors. After all, that’s the only way that you get a prescription.

The state’s DOH feels that it knows better – yet they’re spouting lies at the same time.

Across the state, people are going to pharmacies to get their prescriptions filled for ivermectin – the drug that has been extremely controversial to treat COVID-19.

For those who can’t gain access to the prescriptions, they’re going to buy over-the-counter products to treat themselves – and calls to poison control will sometimes follow.

The DOH has decided to order pharmacies not to fill any of the prescriptions for ivermectin unless they have a confirmed diagnosis of parasites.

This is not okay. The DOH shouldn’t be stepping in at all. People have the right to go to their doctor. Their doctor has seen them, treated them, and offered them a diagnosis based on everything their medical degree tells them is acceptable.

The DOH doesn’t want to hear it, though. They don’t want people putting a horse dewormer inside of their bodies.

Wait…my body, my choice…right? Not if you’re in Louisiana.

There’s another problem, though. The DOH doesn’t want to acknowledge that ivermectin is more than a horse dewormer. It is FDA approved to use on humans when there’s a parasitic infection. In short, it’s not just for horses.

There has been a link, however, in how ivermectin may be able to treat COVID-19. It just hasn’t been FDA-approved…yet. Health professionals have seen how the medication can address some of the inflammatory issues that are caused by the coronavirus.

Ivermectin seems to be at the forefront of the political battle. Democrats don’t want to use it while Republicans feel it is their right to use it as they see fit. It’s an alternative to the vaccine since, at the very least, it’s FDA approved – and has been for a few years.

The Louisiana Department of Health is making a big mistake by getting involved. By blocking prescriptions at the pharmacies, people are going to look for over-the-counter solutions. They’re going to look for variations of ivermectin – many that are made for livestock as opposed to humans.

If the DOH is concerned about calls to poison control and overdoses now, what do they think is going to happen when they block the only legal way to obtain ivermectin? They’re leading people toward getting it however they can.

The reality is that it’s not a horse dewormer if pharmacies are able to fill it. They all have ivermectin because it is a drug that has been approved for human use. The DOH simply wants to ban the drug because of its controversial nature.

If Louisiana is going to overstep, it’s only a matter of time before more states decide to do the same. Suddenly, states will be deciding what prescriptions they will and will not fill. They’re basically saying that they know what’s best for you, so why even go to a doctor at this point? A prescription might not get filled, even though your doctor has checked you out and feel that you can benefit from it. This is yet another example of the liberals trying to force their opinions on us.