Mail Slowdown is a Direct Result of Democratic Interference

The Democrats are failing even to find a way to cheat their way back to the White House. For the past four years, they have tried to unseat President Trump. And every time they have brought something up, it has backfired in their faces.

Their lips are caked with black soot from their failed attempts of firing accusations that have only been proven fake. President Trump is an upstanding president, and it makes the liberals nervous for him to be around.

Their latest attempt at a takeover is happening with their push to sabotage the November election. Liberals claim that the nearly extinct COVID-19 virus is still a significant threat, and people should stay home and vote through the mail.

They hope that the ballots would be lost, not show up on time, or they would be able to send out fake ballots in dead people’s names. Each one of these issues has already taken place at the hands of the Democrats. They are working overtime to rig the elections and to damage the United States Postal Service permanently.

At first, they wanted to push funding through the USPS and force them to make concessions and changes to their operation. The purpose behind such actions was to hide their fraudulent ballots. But the Republicans and the president have put a stop to their nonsense.

And now their latest push is to clog things up, so ballots end up being lost in the mail. The Democrats reason that if the mail is slow, then the votes will be lost. But their actions are being caught by people keeping an eye on their efforts.

Ron Johnson is the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chair. He and The Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has come out and exposed the criminal intent of the Democrats to make things look worse than they are regarding the USPS.

Liberals want people to think that the postal service is falling apart. But the head of the company has reported that things are just fine. So, either he is lying, or the dim Democrats have no idea what they are talking about. And so far, no one even trusts what they are saying any longer.

Johnson and other Senators had met with DeJoy to discuss things as they stood with the USPS. After the meeting, Johnson went on a Democratic hunt to expose the secret intentions of the liberals.

He said that “As I stated, there’s no doubt there have been some unusual delays, COVID, some operational changes. As I check with our constituent service folks, what they are also finding is the high volume of calls concerning postal complaints, the vast majority seemed very highly scripted, like this could be a very well organized effort which doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.”

Deep in the back rooms of the liberals, there are secret meetings taking place on how they can cheat their way to power. There is no doubt that they have gone over ways of stopping the postal service from delivering honoring service to their customers. They do not like that the postmaster is not willing to be a part of their crooked ways.

Johnson said, “There are fund-raising emails from Senate candidates, the democratic Senatorial committee dating back as far as April complaining about this postal issue. I have no doubt the Democrats are ginning up these issues and problems up into something it’s not. A very false narrative, as I said, designed to extract a political advantage.”

Johnson’s apology to the postmaster was simply brilliant. As if he was saying that he is sorry that he and his company are the latest targets of attacks from the loony liberals. Democrats everywhere are looking for any avenue of fraud that they can weasel their way into.

Everyone around the country sees Their actions. They lost the election in 2016 because people were tired of the crime and lies that now define the Democratic Party. With one loud voice, the nation declared that they have had enough. And they will do it again in November loud enough to send Joe Biden back to the basement where he was found.