Man Kicked off Flight for Not Wearing an Approved Mask

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Sopotnicki /

The coronavirus debuted onto the world’s stage a few years ago. Since that horrible day, society has changed into a political nightmare to live in under the constant attacks of the Democratic Party. They continue to change their narrative to fit their ever-changing political goals. And now that the new variant has made its way onto the stage, it seems less likely that Biden will lift the mask mandate that he keeps imposed on airline travels.

Mask wearing has also changed from people being allowed to construct their facial coverings to those only sold in stores. Biden and his regime have seen to commercialize the pandemic into a lucrative business of which many of them are invested. And the airline industry now must conform to the approved style of mask-wearing. Any person caught wearing a mask not approved will face horrible consequences.

And one man named Adam Jenne of Florida found out that wearing a pair of underwear is not an acceptable form of mask covering. Jenne decided that he would try and make a statement of protest by wearing a thong on his face. At the pandemic’s start, people were told to cover their mouths and nose with a mask. Many people opted for the neck-fitting kind, but when the liberals found out that they could not make as much money, they forced paper masks as the only acceptable form of facial coverings.

But Jenne has had enough of the stress of mask-wearing. So, he thought he would disrupt life for everyone and keep them from taking off until he made his statement. Jenne told the news outlet, Fox4, that he has done this deed before, and “every single flight has been met with different reactions from the flight crew, some with a wild appreciation, others confrontational.” It all depends on if he is confronted by a liberal wanting to make an example of him.

Jenne’s flight would be cut short when the flight crew removed him. The controversial mask mandate strikes again as passengers are removed from flights like criminals escaping prison.

United stated that “The customer clearly wasn’t in compliance with the federal mask mandate, and we appreciate that our team addressed the issue on the ground prior to takeoff, avoiding any potential disruptions on the air.” But all it takes is one vigilante to overstep their authority to turn the underwear-wearing man into a political martyr. And for Jenne, he is banned from flying anymore with United.

As he was removed from the flight, a dozen other people followed him off. The underwear-wearing man calls wearing a mask in the air a show because it doesn’t care who it infects or who wears it. People take their masks off to eat, which opens them up to exposure. The debate continues as the liberals keep pushing penalties on people that are tired of being told to mask up or get off the plane.

People were more willing to cover up when they had the option of what they could cover up with. But when Biden and his satanical team of doctors said only one mask would work, the people started getting angry because now, they had to pay for masks. And the sad part is that the paper mask was said to be ineffective when COVID first started to make its way around the world.  The Democrats are the masters at lying and covering it up.

Joe Biden has kept his mask mandate in place for over a year. It is set to expire in March but knowing the old man, he will extend it with an executive order. And as a result of his mandate, most of the trouble on airlines is mask-related. People are tired of the president interfering in their personal lives.

The liberals have hijacked America, and it is time to kick them out. Virginia and parts of New Jersey were only the beginning of the red transformation sweeping through America. 2022 will be a year to remember when the Republicans take back control and save America from the clutches of the Democratic Party.