Manchin Dashes Democratic Hopes As He Picks Apart Reconciliation Bill

Democrats at all levels are fighting to find ways of letting illegals gain access to America ahead of upcoming elections. They need these people to enter the country for what can only be seen as an undetermined reason. The liberals usually have a reason for the illegal things they try and do, which is usually criminal. Their latest attempt to place revised immigration laws into the reconciliation bill failed because Senator Joe Manchin found it and had severe issues.

The Democrats want to flood the immigration system with green cards by providing them to every illegal who shows up at the front door to the country. They attempted to hide the devious plan in their beloved trojan bill but were caught by one of their own. Manchin saw what they were trying to do and spoke up against it.

Manchin is the brake for Joe Biden. The president hates that one of his party members will not just fall in line and vote for whatever crazy idea he comes up with. But Manchin is a man that works for his voters and his district. He is not about jumping onto the bandwagon just because every other slimy Democrat has saved him a seat.

The reconciliation bill has “Bernie Sanders socialism” written all over it. The hang-up for Manchin on the Sanders and Biden bill is the price tag. The cost of $3.5 trillion is so much money that it will effectively destroy the economy and make America another failed socialist state. And contrary to popular thought, that is not what Americans want to see happen right now.

Manchin has already told Pelosi, Schumer, and old man Biden that he will walk away until 2022 since they are unwilling to give up the fight. He has come out and stated that a delayed vote until 2022 is just what the doctor ordered for America. The country is still slowly recovering from Democratic lockdowns and pandemic-related harm.

RedState has noted that “Manchin’s new timeline — if he insists on it — would disrupt the plans by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to vote on the budget reconciliation package this month.” This indicates that the other liberals want to move as fast as possible before they lose power in 2022.

Manchin’s message to Pelosi is to stop running ahead of the pack. He needs her to slow down and let people digest what they are trying to do. Rushing ahead is just going to tick off voters, and they will lose in 2022. He wants people to look at the bill and get that price tag down to a level that the country can financially handle.

But for Joe Biden and the rest of the clowns, it is an all-or-nothing deal. They have lost the ability to compromise and work with other members of the House and Senate to produce meaningful legislation. They have lost their love for the country and have corrupted themselves with lust for power.

Democrats are, by definition, a violent group of people. Their people, such as Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, shamefully attack people when challenged with alternative ideas. AOC once attacked a little girl who mimicked her on social media. The next thing reported was that the little girl shut down her media site because of threats coming at her family.

Joe Biden is mad at Manchin, and the rest of the Democrats would love to disappear. But he is the force that is keeping the rest of his party from running away with America. The Democrats could get a lot done if they learned to work together, but that is impossible for them because they all want power. They are not willing to share with anyone what they have each stolen for themselves.

The country is primed and ready for a Republican takeover in 2022. And when the next presidential election comes around, the White House will return to American control under a conservative president. When the time comes, Manchin will need to continue to play hardball and keep Biden from socializing the country.