Mask Mandate Makes Roaring Comeback as CDC Fearfully Recommends Masks Again

Serega_tm /

The Center for Disease Control is under the leadership of the Democratic Party. The information they provide will be tainted with liberalism and full of socialist regulations designed to control people. Joe Biden keeps toying with letting people take their masks off on planes, but with the new recommendations traveling with a mask will be a constant pain in the rear for all travelers.

Biden and his worthless administration keep pushing mandates and regulations related to the COVID-19 virus. They all miss the point that the virus is now seasonal, and people need to be left alone to make decisions for themselves. But Democrats hate letting people decide for themselves because they lose the power over the people.

The CDC’s recommendation will be for the entire summer. They keep extending the mandate for two weeks every time they review it. At some point, the mandate needs to end. It makes no sense to keep pushing masks on planes when they are not required anywhere else in society.

Traveling around the country used to be fun and exciting for families. But Joe Biden has taken the fun out of travel and made it a horrifying chore to take trips. His goal for America is to make life miserable for every person.

The president likes that kids are masked up in classrooms around the country. He loves that people are forced to wear facial diapers on planes. His pharisaical beliefs show brightly as he forces to vulnerable to obey his wishes while letting others run free without restrictions.

There is no reason why the president of the CDC should be extending any mask mandate. The only reason they keep bringing back the mandate is found in their lust for power. They cannot bring themselves to give back the right for people to think for themselves. For any person to live under liberal control is to forfeit the right to live a free life.

The president’s pet doctor is Anthony Fauci. The man has voiced his thoughts on the mask mandate extension and believes it should be longer. He believes that science and facts dictate a longer extension time.

RedState noted that “But what’s science got to do with any of this, right? Facts and data haven’t guided the CDC to this point, and there’s no reason to think they’d start caring about that stuff now. Thus, two-year-olds being forced to scream through their masks while flying across the country will remain a staple of air travel for the foreseeable future.”

The bold move by Biden and his staff has drawn the attention of Republicans. Ron DeSantis has already stated, “Biden’s extension of the transportation mask mandate simply prolongs the misery that passengers and flight attendants are being forced to endure. This is not evidence-based, but simply more COVID theater.” The Democrats love their drama and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

The country does not need more theatricals to keep moving forward. It needs s president who is willing to stop monkeying around and do the job he was elected. The man is approaching his halfway point in his term and has not accomplished one thing worth mentioning.

The Floridian governor has also decided it is time to take the old man to court over the mask mandate. The president thinks he has the right to force people to obey his wishes. But every court case he has had to face has failed him. The court system and the people are trying to send him a clear message about what they want, but he is not listening.

The Democrat’s failure to listen is why the red wave is sweeping many of them out of their political seats. People are tired of living through pandemic regulations. There is no reason to have such rules, especially when the science and facts dictate that the rules are only making things worse.