Mask Mandate Suddenly Disappears Right Before Biden’s Big Floppy Speech

ApostolisBril /

The Democratic Party has flopped yet again at appearing understanding and benevolent. They have pushed and cried for nearly two years that everyone needs to wear a mask while in their homes and out in public. And now that the year is an election year, they have thought it best to drop all mask mandates and act like nothing is wrong. And Joe Biden revealed that truth by dropping the COVID-19 mask mandate for all vaccinated people.

The president will no longer force people drowning in the COVID-19 vaccine to place a facial diaper over their faces when walking around him. The entire announcement is nothing more than a political stunt to make people think that he is actively working on rolling back the mandates and illegal enforcement of pandemic-related regulations.

Biden’s pointless memo was not very well received since it should have never been in place. Ted Cruz was one of the first to state, “It’s a State of the Union miracle!” Biden is acting like he has risen from the dead and expecting everyone to praise him for lifting the mask mandate. His mandate is so full of controversy that people cannot even believe it is still in place.

It’s funny how the mandate was lifted just days before the SOTU address. It’s as if he needed to give people a reason to like him again…

Fox News reported that “The White House’s decision follows a similar one from Congress’ Office of the Attending Physician, who said that masks will be optional on the House floor for the president’s speech, likely avoiding the optics of masked lawmakers gathered for the event, two years into the coronavirus pandemic. The nation’s capital is now in an area considered low risk under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new metrics, which place less of a focus on positive test results and more on what’s happening in community hospitals.”

It is incredible how much Biden’s liberal support groups, such as the Center for Disease Control, mirrors what he wants to speak about. The Democrats act as Washington has suddenly fallen into the low-risk category enough to warrant not having to wear the mask any longer.

The Democrats want the issue to drop to forget that they ever held onto it for so long. But the press also pushes the issue with the Republicans since they pressure them not to wear their masks at the news conference. The press has even gone to the aide of the ailing president by refusing to ask him why he is not wearing a mask. It is nothing more than a double standard coming out of the White House.

Ted Cruz made the hypocrisy known when he revealed, “And by the way, on the question of hypocrisy, you just asked, you people at the podium are speaking without masks. Just once, I’d like to see a reporter say to Joe Biden when he stands at the damn podium in the White House without a mask, ‘Mr. President, why aren’t you wearing a mask?’”

The hypocrisy of the White House is on display every time the president comes to the podium. He comes up flaunting a mask, and then it mysteriously disappears along the way. The matter of the mask is nothing more than a show for the Democrats to use to their advantage. They want people to think that they are obeying the mandates when they secretly ignore them and get away with it deep down.

For Joe Biden, it is a mask on and, then, off. His mental state is so far gone that he cannot remember what he said from one moment to the next. Just don’t expect the flashy media to point out the discrepancies. Biden kept changing the rules so fast that no one could keep up. He mentioned that vaccinated people did not have to wear a mask, and, then, the next day, they had to wear them.

The stupidity of the mask controversy lies at the feet of the crazy president. He keeps changing things so fast that nothing makes sense anymore. All of Congress has been vaccinated, so there is no reason why any person should still be wearing a mask based on Biden’s words. But the president needs to keep controversy around creating conflict and further dividing a nation.