Massive Backlash for Vice President As She Pushes for Student Loan Forgiveness

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The vice president is again out of control with her demands for a socialized America. The vast majority of people have made it clear that they do not want to have anything that the progressive crowd offers. The price tag is too high for all of them because they know that these programs will destroy the country. Harris wants to see that all student loans are canceled, and people can violate their agreements to pay things back.

Her idea is so destructive and dangerous that an economist from Obama’s administration is pushing back with words of caution. Harris is a person who plays on the personal feelings of other people to get people to go along with her socialist ideas.

Harris and Biden are more concerned with winning elections than listening to the people and doing what needs to be done to make life better for Americans. Once they hear a few people will support them, they are willing to do whatever is in their interests to steal their votes.

Harris stated that “Students across — well graduates and former students across our country are literally making decisions about whether they can have a family, whether they can buy a home. … And it’s no small matter, and we need to figure out a way to relieve debt.” She makes it sound like life comes to an end because students must pay a few hundred dollars a month. But in the end, it makes no difference because those payments are not enough to bankrupt a family.

Kamala Harris wants people to think that paying back their loans will end their worlds. She plays the hero’s part by wanting to cancel those loans without ever considering the consequences of what her actions would do. She acts impulsively just like old Biden does.

Larry Summers is the man pushing back against the idea and warning of the pending doom that will entail if Kamala Harris and her party have their way and get their ideas passed.

Harris thinks that people want to pay a few hundred dollars less each month. But it is not that much of a savings in the grand scheme of things.

Summers noted very clear that “At a time when unemployment is unusually low and household balance sheets are very strong for all income quintiles, there is no special case for across the board relief now, unlike when it was put in place two years ago. The Admin understood this when it made clear the last round of temporary debt relief would be the final one & not be extended. How much things have changed since the onset of Covid when it was completely explicit that student loan relief would sunset after the previous extension.”

The student loans that people borrow are supposed to be paid back in good faith. And every lender has special programs to help assist students in paying back their loans. Students can opt for several different payments plans that fit their budget. Harris believes that there is no hope but to cancel the debt, which would only hurt the entire country.

The progressives buy out Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Both of them are pushing the far-left agenda so much that they have forgotten that the promises they made to the country we’re supposed to right down the middle, politically speaking. They were to work with both sides of the aisle to hear all voices. But so far, it has the radical left that has benefited from Biden sitting in the stolen White House.

The plan that Harris wants to push is dangerous and will only serve to harm America. Nothing about it will ever be of any benefit to the country’s people. The only thing it will do is empower the lazy liberals to seek new ways to subject people to the horrors of long-term socialism.