Maxwell Has Yet To Play Her Final Ace…She’s May Have Been Found Guilty but Don’t Put The Popcorn Down Yet 

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The verdict is in. Ghislaine Maxwell has been officially dubbed as a sex trafficker for her role in assisting the world’s elite with their perverted desires. If Maxwell’s sentencing goes the way of the court, she’s looking at 65 years behind bars, but at 60-years old, it’s doubtful she’ll live long enough to serve out the full length of her term. Meanwhile, more than a few well-known flabby-skinned old guys are breathing a sigh of relief that the good madame is out of the way before their names were brought up in any discussions like poor Prince Andrew.

When Judge Alison Nathan announced the guilty verdict, Maxwell showed no emotion or remorse as though she received what she expected. She didn’t beg for forgiveness or snivel at the verdict. She just sat there, unfazed. 

Following the long-drawn-out trial, US Attorney Damian Williams made the following statement. “I want to commend the bravery of the girls, now grown women, who stepped out of the shadows and into the courtroom. Their courage and willingness to face their abuser made this case, and today’s result, possible.” 

Maxwell had recruited and trained young girls in the fine art of sexually pleasing her partner in crime, Jeffrey Epstein, and occasionally herself when she joined the fun. The girls were also instructed to satisfy the needs of Epstein’s well-known sophisticated friends who were always stopping by for a good time of spanking young hineys and such. 

Although hoorahs have been shouted by everyone who’s been keeping an eye on the case, they’re also dulled with disappointment. Maxwell is the only living creature on the face of the earth who could reveal the names of the lecherous perverts who should be going to prison with her. But no names were furnished during the trial. It wasn’t about them. It was about Maxwell.

But what the disappointed public doesn’t realize is that it isn’t too late for Mawell to sing like a wounded canary. She still has feathers she hasn’t fluffed and considering how 65 years is the remainder of her life and all that… She could mourn the loss of her deceased friend, lover, and pedophile, much better living somewhere in solitude than from a cold damp prison cell in Brooklyn. Her feathers are in the form of names. It’s called a plea bargain for less time, or perhaps no time at all. Those names are solid gold.

If Maxwell were to turn state evidence in exchange for being set free, there’s virtually nowhere in the known universe where she wouldn’t be recognized and unwelcomed. Her life would become that of a lonely old hag who’s never heard from again. Nowhere as bad as spending her life in prison, but at least she’d be removed from society and we’d have some interesting names to toy around with. Go ahead. Admit it. Isn’t this what you really want to know? Sure it is. There’s no shame in it, so stop pretending.

As expected, Maxwell’s attorneys are already working on an appeal according to lead attorney Bobbi C. Sternheim who said, “We firmly believe in Ghislaine’s innocence. Obviously, we are very disappointed with the verdict.” Sternheim said she’s confident in winning and that in the long run her client will be vindicated. Truthfully, Sternheim knows she and her team are fighting a losing battle so the only thing she’s interested in now is milking the cash cow till it runs dry.

At this point, there’s only one beaten path Maxwell can hike down if she ever wants to see the light of day again, and that means spilling the spaghetti. Now, you have to decide which you’d rather see happen. Knowing Maxwell would vanish from the planet anyway, are the names worth the trade-off?