Maybe This Is Still America? Biden’s Racist Rescue Plan Rules Will See Their Day in Court

The American Rescue Pan drew a lot of ire when Biden initially came up with it and rightfully so. No one wants to see a racist plan like this enacted by a sitting president under any circumstances. $29 billion was set aside for farmers, restaurant owners and other businesses that were adversely affected by the pandemic.

The bill was written in a manner that raised immediate eyebrows, for very good reason. As it turns out, the “socially disadvantaged” applicants would be given first crack at the loans and grants that Biden had to offer. This got him a lot of rave reviews from the newly woke but no one else.

Adam Faust, a Wisconsin dairy farmer, became an immediate victim of these policies. He’s got a small farm with 70 dairy cows and a couple of hundred acres of feed crops that he operates all on his own. Can you believe that Faust is able to do so while walking around on two prosthetic legs? We find that hard to fathom but in the best way.

Of course, the pandemic made it very difficult for him to keep his business afloat. This program seemed to be the perfect lifeline and he would be forgiven for thinking that this was right up his alley. When Fuast applied, he found that he was not in line to receive any help.

He would have to wait for all of the African-Americans, American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Hispanics and Pacific Islanders to be serviced first. Faust’s whiteness made it so that he would have to wait for a while. The funds that he is looking for are sure to be exhausted by the time he gets his chance to receive them but no one seems to care about that.

Biden’s America is all about putting wokeness over common sense. Faust is not about to accept this injustice without a fight. He’s taking the administration to court and we are proud of him. Other business owners who have been experiencing roadblocks are also joining the suit. Legal scholars have taken a closer look at the case and they think he’s got a real shot. The New York Post has more:

“Fortunately, the new law’s anti-white provisions are facing a challenge in court, and the challengers are likely to win. The US Constitution forbids discrimination based on race — period…

Just because blacks make up a small percentage of restaurant owners or farmers doesn’t, by itself, prove past racism or justify discriminating against another group now.

Overturning the American Rescue Plan’s racist provisions is essential, lest Democrats move ahead with more extreme measures. Next up is the Justice for Black Farmers Act, “to encourage a new generation of black farmers” at a cost of $100 billion.”

Texas’ business and restaurant owners are standing in solidarity on this one, as they should. If the court systems that are involved in this case adhere to the Constitution, this should be a real no-brainer. Faust qualifies for the assistance in every way possible, unless you want to be a stickler about his skin color.

A decision must be made soon, as the “Justice for Black Farmers Act” is on tap. $100 billion will be provided to 200,000 people with at least one black parent who wish to engage in farming. 160 acres of land, a home mortgage, a loan for farming equipment and agricultural training are going to be offered up to each of these applicants. You don’t even need to prove that you know the first thing about farming.

The whole ‘one black parent’ thing is going to be a massive sticking point but the Biden administration cannot see that. A bunch of old white men are going to have to make tough calls on who is considered black and who is not. Of course, Sleepy Joe is probably relishing the opportunity. We all know how much he loves to tell black people how to think and feel.