Mayor Means Business, Fires City Manager For Insubordination

The race to reopen is getting mixed reviews as each state takes its steps to reopen. The Democratic governor of New Mexico has yet to lift some restrictions in the state. But one Mayor is challenging her decision by ordering his town to start the reopening process. Mayor Martin Hicks is the chosen leader in Grants, New Mexico. He does not agree with the governor’s sweeping order to stay at home.

He has since ordered the reopening of some businesses and the city-owned golf course. But the City Manager, Laura Jaramillo, refused to obey her boss. Hicks fired Jaramillo and now the City Council will hold a vote to see if her termination will stick or not.

People are divided on what to do about getting things open again. In the end, it is going to fall into the hands of the leaders of the various cities and community leaders on how to get things moving again.

Jaramillo is an example of a person that does not trust the leadership in her community government. She is also an example of how the Democrats view President Trump. They do not trust him and the way he is handling things. But they do not have any say in how things will be done because they are not the president.

Jaramillo is not the Mayor and does not have to worry about decisions to reopen. All she is to do is step up and follow orders. She needs to back her leader’s decision to open and not question it.

Hicks is the one challenging his liberal governor. He believes like millions of others that the liberals are scared to death and are not willing to reengage living. Hicks believes also that people need to return to work.

So, he is willing to let them get back to it. People are not stupid like the Democrats think. They know how to protect themselves and limit interaction for the time being.

Mayor Hicks has stated “Come play golf. What the governor is doing is wrong. That’s why we’re standing up against it.” This little town is standing up and doing what they believe to be right. And the people are listening. They are getting out and back to life. Just like needs to happen all around the country.

Jaramillo refused to follow the orders of her superiors and she was dismissed for her actions and rightfully so. Hicks went on to say that “This is about the Constitution to this country. Period.

It’s about our livelihoods. It’s about our liberties. It’s about our rights. And we will not compromise them no more to a tyrant in Santa Fe.” Some believe that infection could spread even more. But those are the what-if scenarios that the Democrats are putting in people’s heads. They want to create fear to keep things closed.

Hicks is facing opposition as he has been ordered by the Attorney General to stop his fight. But Hick’s is continuing to run his city the way his voters want him to do. The Attorney General stated that “Your individual views on the public health response are within your rights, but as Mayor you must follow the rule of law. I encourage you and the city council to work with state health officials on an effective transition plan to safely bring local businesses online as things progress.”

The Democrats want to maintain the stranglehold as long as they can. But what they are finding out is that Americans are going to revolt if things are held too long. Hicks is the example of those that want to live again. The governor stated that “No one wants to be locked down – everyone wants to hug their loved ones, we all want businesses to be able to open. But simply wanting this to be over will not get us there.”

She fails to realize that the virus is here to stay. It has taken its place in the world alongside the flu and other cold viruses. At some point, commonsense has to take over and let things return to normal. This is what Hicks and President Trump are looking to do all around the nation.