Megyn Kelly Calls Out Alisyn Camerota… ‘Stop Defending Zucker’

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Alisyn Camerota, a former Fox News host and now with CNN, is in some murky water over the resignation of her CNN boss Jeff Zucker. Camerota had some harsh words about the “toxic” environment she left at Fox News. But she is using a much softer tone when talking about the recent sex scandal that has led to Zucker’s departure.

One person is calling her out on the issue, Megyn Kelly. She is not believing the spin that the folks at CNN are putting on this situation. CNN would like the public to believe that what happened with Zucker is among two consenting adults having a relationship, but it seems that a whole lot of information is being left out.

Zucker made an announcement this week that he was resigning, effective immediately. The reason is that he did not disclose to the network that he was involved with Allison Gollust. She is also an executive at CNN and has been Zucker’s friend and colleague for over 20 years.

They initially claimed that their relationship started during the pandemic, but sources close to the situation say that their secret relationship started years earlier when they were both married.

They both lived in the same apartment building with their families for years. They had offices next to each other and the word at CNN was that they shared more than a wall.

This week CNN host Alisyn Camerota defended the relationship saying that there was nothing wrong with it because they were both “executives.”

Another CNN correspondent, Brian Stelter, blamed the whole thing on Chris Cuomo. He is the CNN host who was fired because of his interaction in defending his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The governor was dismissed in his own sex scandal. Chris Cuomo threatened to disclose the relationship Zucker had if he didn’t get his full severance package. He is still fighting for $18 million – the remainder of his contract – but Zucker has refused to payout. Zucker allegedly maintained that CNN didn’t make deals with terrorists. Chris threatened to “blow up the place.”

Camerota took time in one of CNN’s broadcasts to share her very personal feelings about Zucker. She said, “Jeff is a remarkable person and an incredible leader. He has this uncanny ability to make — I think — every one of us feels special and valuable in our own way, even though he is managing an international news organization of thousands of people. I just know that he had this unique ability to make us feel special. And I don’t think that comes around all the time, and again, I think it’s an incredible loss.”

She went further saying that Zucker’s resignation just “felt wrong.” She maintained that they were just two consenting adults who were both executives.

Camerota, along with Stelter, was criticized by many who reminded Camerota how she called Fox News “rotten to the core,” about sexual misconduct allegations. One person questioned why she thought that rules shouldn’t apply to Jeff Zucker. He acknowledged that the relationship evolved in the last several years, that he was required to disclose it, but he did not.

Megyn Kelly had some of the most pointed words for Camerota. She noted that Zucker’s companion, Allison Gollust, followed him up the ranks at CNN.

“Tell it to the women who got passed over for a promotion so the boss’s lover could have the spot. Are there any? Have you checked? Then stop defending this,” Kelly said.

That certainly took some guts on Kelly’s part. What’s good for the goose…it is not fair to lash out at Fox and then be a part of a cover-up at CNN. I’m guessing that Camerota realized that CNN’s the gander here.