Mexican Man Arrested for Spying for Russia in the U.S.

There is nothing worse for America than to have a person taking information from America and providing it to a known enemy of the country. Hector Alejandro Cabrera Fuentes is nothing more than a spy working for the Russian government. The story of his exploits in the country is nothing short of anti-American actions designed to provide information to Russia about dealings within America.

Fuentes is a citizen of Mexico that was living in Singapore. He was found and arrested by law enforcement based on a complaint filed against him. The complaint charged him with “acting within the United States on behalf of a foreign government.” In this case, Russia was the government wants him to act on their behalf.

Fuentes was approached by the Russian government back in 2019. They wanted him to rent an apartment in Miami-Dade County in Florida and keep in secret from the rest of his family and all others. He was not to put the rental in his name. Once that was done, Fuentes traveled to Russia and reported that everything was ready.

The plot thickens as Fuentes would return to Russia in early 2020 to meet with the Russian official once again. It was at this meeting that Fuentes was told that he needed to find a certain U.S. Government vehicle and get the license plate of that particular vehicle. He was also to find out where the vehicle was placed regularly. Russia was planning something that would include that vehicle. All they needed was what Fuentes had on his phone.

Fuentes was to return with the information in May 2020. It was then that he was to provide Russia with the details of his search. Fuentes was an ignorant spy because his actions were not discreet enough to keep from drawing attention to himself. He would tailgate through a security crossing to gain access to where the vehicle he was supposed to report on was located.

The security guard on duty took notice of the reckless driving and approached Fuentes. While the security guard was coming to the car, Fuentes’ wife got out of the car and snapped the picture in front of the security guard. A perfect story for the dumbest criminals in America.

The report goes on to mention that Fuentes provided a fake name to the guard that they were visiting in the building. But the guard did not know the person which ended up tipping him off that something was not right. Both of them were told to leave the area immediately.

The stupid duo comes back to the airport and tried to leave the country and head back to Mexico. And this is where the need for border security pays off. U.S. Customs and Border Protection stop them and inspected his phone.

There they found the photo. Fuentes is the perfect failed spy. He would tell everything to the agents. Even how he was supposed to meet up with Russian officials to deliver the media files. Now the man is facing time in prison for his actions against America.

This story and others like it are proof that countries like Russia, China and Iran will stop at nothing to try to convert people to spy on America for them. They want to have the secrets of the United States, so they can have an edge should war break out or something else happens. The need for border security and protection has never been greater.

The Democrats want to have open borders. What this means is that people can come and go throughout the United States without ever having to declare why they are entering or leaving the country. Criminals and spies can move about without the fear of being detected. They can gather all the information they want and sell it off to the highest bidder.

President Trump has tightened the borders to the point where security catches people like Fuentes. The president’s immigration policies stand as the new successful standard on how the border issue must be addressed going forward.